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    Blizz needs to update WindRiders/Wyverns with the WylderDrake improvements

    The current windrider/wyverns clip painfully when their wings fold unnaturally on the ground and don't have a lot of proper attack animations.

    Just look at how the wings move.


    Horde wyvern

    These vanilla models are even getting used as recently as BFA still too https://www.wowhead.com/npc=143606/enraged-wyvern
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    It baffles me they didn't update the wyverns yet, their model is rly bad, and its worse because we had an update wyvern and gryphon, that they released as stone version

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    Yeah Vanilla mounts need updates since it's probably the first mounts new players will encounter.
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    Plus the updated wyvern model isn't tameable. Can tame both old and updated gryphons, but not wyverns. Only the old ones for them

    Despite both slyverns and wolfhawks being tameable

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    Ain't got time to update old models, those cubicles aren't gonna crawl themselves

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