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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester Joe View Post
    Nowhere did I say I was offended.

    What you were saying was standard talking points that people had who were claiming that ret is a hybrid spec so it shouldn't ever do damage on par with other DPS specs for "how little of a rotation it has". And you must have missed the multiple threads complaining about ret being too op even after several nerfs.

    I don't know why you're getting so heated about this, you made an assertion about a spec you even admitted to not playing. Of course you're going to be called out on that. You're not informed on the topic and you're making assumptions on things instead of informing yourself.
    I'm not getting heated? What on earth gave you that impression?

    I don't think it's unreasonable to defend myself when you tell me I haven't played a spec that I have played.. because you disagree with my comment about something subjective?

    It's a bit rich for you to accuse me of making assumptions after quite literally explaining how because I said the rotation felt shallow, and some other people who said it was OP also said that, I therefor think the spec is OP.. That's an actual assumption.

    My ask was for more depth in spec design rather than the trend of DH/Ret/BM/Shadow style reworks we've had recently that attempt to combine spells / remove flavour and oversimplify all the while increasing damage. When I play ret or shadow now, they, to me, don't feel particularly engaging or appropriate to how I view the specs. Shadow, arguably, is maybe even close to being genuinely over powered.

    I don't main ret pally because I main holy priest and enhancement shaman, as I have done since TBC. It doesn't mean I don't play ret, it means I don't main ret. That being said, I've had a max level ret pally in every expansion that I've played with the exception of WoD. In SL it was literally the only character I even bothered with, mostly because Belf ret pally + revendreth was a good look, rather than it's play style.

    I tend not to read threads about 'x spec is OP' because, well, I don't really care who does what numbers.

    Plus, it's a bit weird to complain about the performance of ret when prot pally's exist. If there was any spec that needs to be reigned in, it's that one.

    My opinions are not assumptions based on seeing a pink bar in details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RahEndymion View Post
    I'm not getting heated? What on earth gave you that impression?
    I dunno, maybe the constant accusations might have been a start.

    Anyone who feels the need to repeatedly say someone is "offended" or "defensive" isn't exactly discussing honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorgar Aurelian View Post
    At this point I just need to go back to my original post.

    They didn't fire/discipline 70 people, pay out millions, and have current and past employees come out of the wood works to confirm this happened based on a he said she said your just delusional.
    a thing that is known or proved to be true.

    Again why settle for pennies if you know you can win more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester Joe View Post
    Take your gaslighting somewhere else. I'm not wasting my time over this anymore, I don't know why you're so gungho on trying to prove sexual harassment isn't rape as if they're not both extremely vile things anyway is beyond me
    Now you are trying to change the subject to get6 away from the fact that you made light of rape by saying another person misrepresneting what sone else said as a "tongue in cheek" statement.

    You should be done here because you are being dishonest Own what you said. Calling someone Interpreting comments as "being OK with Rape" as tongue in cheek" is vile and an insult to rape victms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentynel View Post
    You forgot to add allegedly. Got any proof it ever happened? Yea, thought so. ABC maffia from Twitter ain't count.

    At least the old guards were able to produce quality games. Now if I log in to WoW what's the first thing I see? Fucking body types and fruit bowls. That's what the new folks at Blizz are doing. Shitting on everything to spread their agenda.
    imagine defending sexual assaults T T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentynel View Post
    Now if I log in to WoW what's the first thing I see? Fucking body types and fruit bowls.
    if it wasnt mentioned in articles all over the internet as if its important 99.99999% of players would never even noticed those things...
    and it have zero impact on gameplay, so if you log in wow and this is first thing you notice that is not game or devs issue that is 100% YOU issue
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