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    Naw, your ideas are bad for the game if you think that.
    How are more customization options bad for the game?

    If you don't like it don't use it? I don't see how cosmetic options hurt the game.

    Would you say Transmogs are bad for the game too? Otherwise, thanks for your opinion, good to know you oppose other people having more options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    And Ion is well aware of this. On an interview with the Ars Technica online magazine (iirc), he said something the likes of "the ways of the upper echelon of players tend to trickle down to the rest. Once something is discovered, you are expected to know".

    I would just add that such is the logical outcome in a competitive (as opposed to cooperative) environment.


    Really? Those would be great news, would you mind sharing the interview plx? Because so far, hell freezing over seems much more likely than Ion abandoning his "competitive" fetish.
    I can't find it now. He was talking about "game A" (the mix-maxers / top players focus) and "game B" (the casual / "cool factor" players focus) and how they're steering away on massively focusing in "game A" at the expense of "game B"

    I think this is not the one (I think it's a more recent one), but he talks about it in part:

    He also touches on that here (I would say that he even hints at the Augmentation spec):
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    They could make super interesting and flavourfull stuff with racials and tune them to a 11 if they'd just disable them in current instanced content, tbh. you could even narrow it down to only m+/normal and above raid and arena, this way your casual bg/lfr/heroic dungeon guy still has it.
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