Hey fellow gamers,

I wanted to take a moment to discuss a significant concern that's been impacting the cutting-edge PvP scene, making it less enjoyable for many players. It's the issue of certain players and accounts dominating both the Gladiator and Rank One spots, ultimately hindering the progress and enjoyment of those outside their desired title range.

Achieving your PvP goals is already challenging, but when a select few players occupy multiple top spots, it becomes even more difficult for the rest of us to taste success. This not only creates frustration but also limits the number of players who get to experience the thrill of victory.

Drawing inspiration from a rule implemented in the retail version of the game (patch notes 10.0.7), I propose that the same principle should be applied to Wrath Classic. The rule states, "End of Season PvP rewards will have the rank cutoff extended by duplicate/alt characters by the same player battle.net account for rated arenas, rated battlegrounds, and rated solo shuffle. For example, if the cutoff for Crimson Gladiator would equate to the top 100 characters and 5 of those characters are the same player, the cutoff will now be the top 104."

By extending the rank cutoff to accommodate duplicate or alt characters, we can promote fairness and allow a broader range of players to achieve their desired ranks. This change would make the PvP scene more enjoyable for everyone, as it ensures that success is not monopolized by a select few.

Let's come together as a community and raise awareness about this issue, urging the developers to implement this rule adjustment in Wrath Classic. Together, we can foster a more inclusive and rewarding PvP experience for all players.

What are your thoughts on this proposal? Let's discuss and make our voices heard!