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    Details on Heroic Scalecommander Sarkareth

    The most counterintuitive thing I've found so far is that several phase 2 abilities don't actually cause any damage besides the Oblivion stacks they apply. Standing in the Desolate Blossom swirly and the Breath residue will not do any damage besides applying a stack of Oblivion. While on the subject, players looking to go in to the void with bombs can stand in either the Blossoms or the Breath residue.

    Here's a discord with some diagrams I made.


    One of the other things I've learned; I've been in pug groups that just put everything everywhere. I've been in guild groups that stacked everything super neatly. The best way to do the fight is somewhere in between.

    Putting everything everywhere makes the Disintegrates too hard to aim and makes it so Infinite Duress knockback will send people in to fires, etc.

    Baiting and stacking everything super neatly murders DPS/HPS numbers because the entire raid has to move for every single mechanic. The platform is significantly larger than the raid needs and so it's just not necessary to be overly tidy.

    Ability Order:
    1 sec: Scorching Bomb
    3: Glittering Surge
    15: Oppressing Howl
    20: Burning Claws 1
    23: Disintegrate 1
    26: Breath 1
    33: Scorching Bomb 2
    38: Burning Claws 2
    42: Breath 2
    47: Disintegrate 2
    57: Burning Claws 3
    1:00: Scorching Bomb 3
    1:02: Breath 3
    1:10: Disintegrate 3
    1:14: Burning Claws 4
    1:18: Scorching Bomb 4
    1:30: Disintegrate 4
    1:41: Glittering Surge

    P1 ends on a timer (when his energy reaches 100). I haven't killed it yet but I think you want the boss sub 70% and closer to 65% is just gonna make P2 that much shorter. P2 ends when boss hits 40%. But the DPS requirements seem very forgiving relative to anything in Shadowlands; healing however is not quite so easy. Doing the mechancis without getting knocked off the platform or one-shot is a little more tricky. DPS on the Null Glimmer adds is an issue however.

    Burning Claws lasts 27 seconds.

    Oppressing Howl does no ticking damage. The later it's cleared the less damage the player takes from Seared or Disintegrated. However due to the explosion upon clearing Howl and the fact you really want everyone topped off for the Glittering Surge in to Oblivion combo it kinda reduces the usefulness of that info.

    Glittering Surge does about 550,000 damage to everyone...actually might need that fact-checked that might be the damage from inside an Anti-Magic Zone.

    A person entering the void from 0 stacks will take approximately 350,000 damage.

    Scorching Bombs are always targeted at range. I've seen pugs just spread out and be fine, I've seen guilds do it very neatly and been fine. My personal preference would be to just spread out, as having all the ranged healers move simultaneously is IMO a bad strategy. I do recommend leaving a lane to return back to Sarkareth's spawn point so people can come out of the intermission next to him and ready to rock.

    Searing Breath is targeted at non-tank melee.

    2:22 Abyssal Breath 1
    2:29 Desolate Blossom 1
    2:33 Void Bomb 1
    2:37 Void Claws 1
    2:48 Infinite Duress 1
    2:55 Void Claws 2
    3:05 Abyssal Breath 2
    3:12 Desolate Blossom 2
    3:15 Void Claws 3
    3:23 Infinite Duress 2
    3:33 Void Bomb 2
    3:40 Abyssal Breath 3
    3:50 Desolate Blossom 3
    3:58 Void Claws 4

    Note that the first set of adds gets deleted because the entire raid still has the Astral Flare buff or whatever it's called. It lasts 22 seconds.

    Void Claws lasts 17 seconds. This means that the second set of adds spawn while the second tank is off clearing their debuff, so it might be a good time to Misdirect to the 1/3/5 tank.

    It takes approximately 10 seconds to collect 10 flares and exit the void even on a class with limited mobility.

    The Method video talks about people intentionally going down to the void so they exit right as adds spawn with the haste buff, but I pugged in to a fairly modest guild run and they weren't having too much trouble killing adds without doing so. It's certainly doable though.

    The Breath is targeted at any raid member including tanks. Due to the raid needing to be somewhat orderly for the Infinite Duress dispel and knockback, this should be at least loosely baited so Sarkareth comes towards the raid instead of off in a random direction. But again I've seen it done both orderly and randomly and honestly it didn't make that much a difference. I think a reasonably simple strategy is that Sarkareth stands inside the inner ring facing the center, when he breathes the raid just moves clockwise or counterclockwise. So basically the breaths will form lines like the hands of a clock.

    Desolate Blossom is targeted at melee, so if melee just hang out where Sarkareth started breathing, the adds will be standing where they spawn and Rescind will be removed effortlessly.

    P3: TBA

    One thing I will note is that Hurtling Barrage is very difficult to see on several different videos, including the Method one. I think this because this ability generally doesn't cause all that much trouble. But the arrows frequently spawn off camera on the edges of the platform.


    Random guild: This video is nice in that it's just the fight the whole way through and the player doesn't enter the void (except intermission), so you can just watch the fight from beginning to end.

    I wrote several simple ones for myself, I'll try and upload them later. Some useful tips:
    --WeakAura for stacks of oblivion is pretty handy for all players

    --WeakAura for how much the Burning Claws damage will do isn't too hard to write, you have to check "Fetch Tooltip Information" in the trigger tab and then the display text will be "%tooltip3" or "%tooltip4" (haven't tested yet but that's what worked for Rygelon)

    --I made a huge and very obnoxious WeakAura if anyone gets cleaved in P3 with Void Slash, this is probably wise as it should be unescapably obvious when a player gets this debuff.
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    Raid bosses will always be very similar so long as encounter design requires DPS to always be pumping 100%.

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    Some nice info... for P3 what many pug tanks apparently still don't know yet, is that they have to go to the void to explode the tank debuff, so they don't nuke the raid. It's amazing how often tanks (even curved) don't understand that...

    Quote Originally Posted by garicasha View Post
    healing however is not quite so easy. Doing the mechancis without getting knocked off the platform or one-shot is a little more tricky.
    While healing is a lot harder than any other boss in Aberrus, it's still not as hard as Rasza in my opinion.

    Also, how do you get knocked off the platform? The knockback from the dispel is negligible and I think the only other knockback in the fight is the big aoe where you have to hide, which is like the central mechanic of p3, so really hard to fuck this up

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