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    I'm just interested to see what feature people asked for 5 years ago that Anet figured is worth hyping. Maybe its spears but spears were part of the OG GW2 concept, they are even in concept arts. GW1 had 1 handed spears. Its been 5 years since the last raid but no matter how much raiders like raids in GW2, they aren't a popular feature in the game. The current game director is very familiar with the game, he worked with it when it launch, left, came back, has been pretty transparent. I'll be amazed, but amazaed because of Anets history, if the reveal is something lackluster. The expansion reveal is given, Anet said it, its expected, trademarks have been leaks, its already schedulted to drop this year. Really dont know what this "feature" is. Another thing they've done but not offically anounced was a rebrand of the first two expansions as the "Expansion Starter Pack".

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    Next expansion announcement tomorrow, will make a new thread for it.

    But FYI on top of all the other info that points to the next expansion being Janthir Wilds, someone on the web team oops'd with the scheduling and you can currently see the next expansion on your account page. Can't buy it and there isn't a page for it yet, but it's there with logo and it sure seems to confirm one thing, spears are comin.
    I'm sure people deep into guild wars lore are very excited. The Eye of Janthir is bit of an esoteric artifact in the lore that goes back to GW1. Its featured twice in GW2, both times relating back to some old deep lore cuts but never really resolving the mystery around it. In a nutshell its tied to an anciet race called the Mursaat. Balthazaar (PoF god) mascaraded as a the last mursaat before the Commander killed him. Its believed that Lazarus (the real one, not Balthazar pretending to be him), we killed him in S3. Well except in SOTO we run into another mursaat, Mabon. The SOTO epilogue points towards Janthir/Mursaat adjacent activities, Mists activities, we'll see.

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    Finally got around to completing the "main" legendary armor achievement after blowing some more gold for research notes, was hype to see what was next figuring that was a good chunk of the grind.

    Yeah I can absolutely forever live without legendary armor.

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