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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotus Victoria View Post
    I'm not that excited for Axe Thieves, but it will be nice to have a new ranged/AoE option. Shortbow is ok, Rifles are only good for single-target, and Staff is very inconsistent. Hopefully it's fun to play.
    You just made me realize thief mostly has ranged weapons.

    And now Axe.

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    Weapon beta is live.

    Need to tinker more, but tested pistols a bit on my guardian and I'm not super impressed. MH pistol should be pretty good as a replacement for scepter, but without proper trait support or anything I just don't see how OH can compete with Radiant Fire and its interaction with Zealot's Flame. Sure Torch 5 sucks, but Zealot's Flame is so damned good you don't need it.

    Visuals are still pretty lackluster as well.

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    Got some quick first impressions

    Warrior staff - Good from a pvp/wve perspective but lacks some trait synergy in the current pve meta. People are divided one one particular skill, it's staff 3. It's an insanely powerful support ability but requires you to manually target an ally. Something that's not new to gw2 but there's valid arguments about clicking nameplates in the game as not being the most reliable.

    Mesmer rifle - a very misunderstood weapon based on what Ive seen in map chat. I think people just assume dps. It's very strong support weapon that actually synergizes with Mesmer already has, mainly the chronomancer spec. Also has some of the most complete animations (none of the weapons are finished). Someone put a lot of work into it

    Engi - I love engi, played all flavors of engi in every game mode. The weapon is trash. I don't like calling it trash you can tell what they were going for but it just doesn't work with a class that can only wield one weapon at a time. There's not reason to use the shortbow, really and it's cooldowns are too long. Using the 'ammo' system might fix some of the clunkiness

    Ele pistol - Another divided one. Every time else gets something new people come out expecting, I think, something that will dull the complexity of the class and finally make it something for them. Pistol isn't it for that crowd. I saw people saying it was 'underwhelming' meanwhile I'm seeing people putting up 50k dps with it. A dev said they casually put up 40k. For reference the the current top dps specs are putting up 41-43k on training dummies. I liked going pew pew on it but didn't get to use it in a practical setting.

    Rev scepter - I'm not the most versed on rev outside of 2 specific builds. The scepter was fun but don't know how well it translates into actual applications. It has a cool tether to ally that I assume would be good in small scale pvp situations of pve where your just running around with a buddy but idk.

    Guardian pistol - I liked going pew pew but didn't spend time on it. Just want to shoot pistol 5, which looks like Rock Grimes executing someone, at least on Norn.

    Necro swords - im definitely going to have to try this one for myself because I saw people saying, "it's not good", but I'm not seeing how. Of course the numbers are off, those need to be buffed, but people are saying it felt clunky but I didn't think so when I ran around with it.

    Some of the weapons are definitely further in the production cycle than others so I reserve some judgement on some things I know are off.

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    New weapons are visually underwhelming, but I understand that this is still a beta.

    Can't say the same for mechanics though. Ele Pistol gotta be the most boring weapon in the entire game. "Shoot gun, shoot gun again with an extra effect". Come on! Where's the fun in that? I like my mechanics to be fun, and this one is kinda lame.

    Without being biased (as I'm a Thief main since 2014), I gotta say that Axe is quite fun, and it has potential to be a good AoE weapon. Condi Thieves are going to love it!

    I tested every weapon, and my top 3 are:

    1 - Axe (Thieves)
    2 - Rifle (Mesmer)
    3 - Swords (Necro)

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