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    I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I think the only fight I was meh on was Zskarn but other than that it was golden. And I almost always hate the last boss of a raid tier but Sarkareth was pretty enjoyable.

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    I think Aberrus is the filler raid, given boss count and averageness visually. Blizzard is focusing on 10.2. You can see the unhighlighted zone on the Ohn'ahran Plains and in the beginning parts of the cinematic. It's the Emerald Dream and an Avatar: The Way of Water influenced raid asthetically. Expect that, some more time for release but probably a visually stunning eleven boss raid, the encounters good enough.

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    Aberrus was really good raid.
    No insane "5D-must have weak auras" and relatively simple and short fights.
    Too bad about Zskarn being missed in QA.
    Gearing was a bit weird this tier, would have liked it to be a bit slower, but that doesn't really have to do with the raid.

    One of the better ones in recent years. I love that you can clear the tier in 1-2 months and unsub until the next one.

    Solid 8/10
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    Overall a good raid and pretty easy progression for my guild even though we are pretty causal. We have a few guys in our raid team who just raid logged and didn’t go too deep into the patch, and still able to progress AotC with them.

    I would say p3 Sarkareth was our main pain point. Probably because there is so much individual responsibility and it everyone in our team can manage that, but in particular I felt the visuals made it very tough. The first 2 bombs often landing in the soak made them difficult to spot.

    Visually the raid was good and I liked a lot of the bosses. Particularly siege, because like another poster said, I like bosses that interact with the environment and feel ‘real’.

    There was a lot of story dialogue between bosses, but I’d say if you’re doing a raid on voice (like most people are), you’re gonna miss most of the chats between Wrath, Sab and Neltharion. So I would probably vote the storytelling quite low because of that.

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    I give it a solid 8/10.
    Nothing really annoying except colors on Sark and Zskarn tuning as said before.
    I also liked the tuning for Heroic; it should be about that hard in my opinion.
    Could have dropped more rings though…..

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    I found it to be an excellent experience - much like moving from MC to BWL, although somewhat easier.

    The encounters were fairly uncomplicated which meant it was largely sufficient to be able to play the class without having to spend much time studying convoluted mechanics. The length of encounters made for an overall relaxed experience while having intense moments of action.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the art of both raid and items. I am sure this is a raid many will continue to farm for transmogs.

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    - Aesthetically meh, only the bit after Neltharion was cool.
    - Low stakes, uninteresting last boss from a lore perspective
    - Good amount of bosses
    - Good difficulty for normal/hc, but mythic seems too easy from an outside perspective
    - Privating weakaura's was a good thing. They should go even harder on this for next tier (see Echo of Neltharion soak map). That shit should be cracked down on.
    - Magmorax should have been the first boss of the raid. Was way too easy for how far he is into the raid.
    - Good, to the point mechanics' that didnt take 5 addons to understand/execute.
    - Last cinematic could have had a bit more oomph.

    Overall a nice raid to play through, but visually not that interesting. Still, raids are always top tier, so it's not like it is bad or anything.
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    Overall fun.

    - Good story
    - Good voice acting
    - Good art
    - Fun boss mechanics
    - Nice climax

    Constructive Feedback:
    - Most of it was under-tuned
    - Zskarn to Magmorax transition was jarring (maybe Mags was intended as break after Zskarn?)
    - Purple on purple with hints of blue made mechanics hard to follow on Sark - is visual ambiguity an intended challenge, and if so is it a good one?

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    It was a lot of fun and felt reminiscent of raids like BWL and Throne of Thunder. It might have been a little too easy, but it made progression more fun. I was not a fan of Sarkareth, mostly because the mechanics were similar in appearance and in name. I preferred Raszageth to Sark, but Aberrus was better than Vault by a mile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheezits View Post
    Now that the tier is slowly coming to a close, what are your thoughts on Aberrus as a raid?

    I liked how simple some of the fights were, and how if your heals were good enough you could negate certain mechanics (Amalgamation p1, Magmorax pool stack). Also Sakareth not being a 12 minute long EPIK fight.
    Honestly heroic was too easy. I think I got aotc like 2nd week. As someone who only raids... kinda boring.

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    Neltharion was pretty cool and intense, with the tank being kicked across the room, and the boss trying to cut you off with the earth walls.

    Sarkareth had very poorly differentiated abilities. Too much of the same dark purple color. When I did it, people were being blamed for carrying bombs they weren't actually carrying.

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    From the PTR looks like next tier will also be relatively short fights. That's nice.

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