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    I think it's great it's not easy to max out something. It was awesome in almost 20 years ago when there was always stuff to do (not much knowledge of what to do and how to do it and doing everything took a long time). Then again it never bothers me if I can't get something done in a game, because I didn't put enough time to it. Choice or not, it is what it is.

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    It’s just too much; and I disagree, maxing your profession should not take 40 weeks or longer. It’s too convoluted, and there’s little sense of , hey I can reliably make a valuable product that other players would want, which, is not the only reason to have professions, but it’s a part of the fun, at least for me.
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    they perfected it in shadowlands, it was easy to max out and cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uvania View Post
    they perfected it in shadowlands, it was easy to max out and cheap.
    Eh, did we play a different game? For armor crafting profs it was incredibly expensive to be able to craft rank 4 legendary base items. Later they revised it by removing 80% of the required crafts to rank up, but still.

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    My biggest issues:

    *Everything relies way too much on awakened elements. Even basic items like gems and potions require it. Can't just get a stack of herbs or ore and go wild anymore.

    *items requiring too many items from other professions. I would prefer to be self sufficient and not have to be pulling things off the AH to fuel a single craft.

    *Profession knowledge trees are cool, but you don't accrue knowledge fast enough in the wild to really get to use it. Also, how the bonuses work is not transparent at all. Pretty sure most of them don't even have tool tips to explain wtf resourcefulness or whatever is.

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    You can mouse over resourcefulness or any other skill to see what it does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamerdad2017 View Post
    Am i the onlyone that thinks this is somewhat rediculous ?
    Yes, system is fine. You get 200+ point the first few days with all the profession treasures and first crafts.
    You need to choose in what the specialize. Most specialization don't need all the profession perks to be maxed out, so you'll be able to craft max rank on what you choose to make. Not being able to craft everything in a week is fine.
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    I find the specialization system fine and the new way the professions work is generally more engaging than they have ever been. My biggest gripe with it is, that having double gathering professions has never had a worse case of inventory bloat, with 3 different quality ranks of every material. I could have had a gathering bag of 100 slots and it still would be more filled with random stuff than what was the case in the other expansions

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    I didn't mind it in the beginning of the expansion but there really needs to be some sort of catchup system for KP. Maybe make the crafted KP book thing unlimited at this point.

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