<Golden Twinkies>The Largest, Most Social, & Fun Having Twinking Guild is recruiting all 19’s and 19’s for wargames.

Welcome to the PARTY!!! We will be your friend, & even help you get geared, ran through dungeons, & enchanted up!

Recruiting ALL 19's!!! We need EVERYTHING & EVERYONE! We run 3 19s events every week! Come get gold and hangout!

Bring your 29s here we do weekly events for 29s!! Join the largest alliance guild and actually have friends to play with! Don’t join another dead guild!

Recruiting all Alliance 39’s! We run Creamades daily! And we need more! I have a Officer actively running events for 39s weekly! Let’s go!!

Recruiting 19's/29’s/39's/49's here for fun relaxing, sometimes sweaty battlegrounds together in a SOCIAL setting. We are the ALLIANCE Twinking Hub!

Our Discord is heavily moderated! You WON'T find toxicity here! Let’s give Horde the cream! We focus on 19s! We do events like our <Twinkie Cup>, <Movie Nights>, <Hide & Seek>, <Among Us>, & now inhouse <<WARGAMES>>! Guild trailer & follow my twitch for more information, and to see the activity & health of the guild! DM me for Info on that.

Fun fact we just launched our beautiful <Minecraft> server to hang with your guildies during off times! Come make yourself a home in the guilds official server! Imagine actually having a base you can build with your guildies! Join our Public Discord and be welcomed with OVER 6
00 Twinkies to be friends with! Come hangout in the oven! Make friends in wow! DM me for that (YES THIS IS A CURRENT DISCORD LINK) Behave! Any hate or intolerance will result in bans, thank you.

We speak in discord every night as a group of FRIENDS who support each-other. IMAGINE A REAL GUILD! We'll be your friends & family! If you need anything or help, come to me <3! See you on the battlefield! Your Sweet Treats Host, Life!

Add my btag Life#13615

Whisper Anyone in Guild for an Invite! Just Follow the rules and we will be okay!

GM: Life
Officers: Many

Instagram: Life_ gstwinkies ( life_gstwinkies) • Instagram photos and videos

Twitch: life_gstwinkies - Twitch

Twitter: Life GM of Golden Twinkies ( life_gstwinkies) / Twitter

Slogan: Get Creamed! ✨

Don’t tell hostess!(brand who owns actual twinkies.)