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    Quote Originally Posted by micwini View Post
    This is the first one that tries to look like a real leak.
    Anything mentioning a new class can be discarded immediately. Blizzard hasn't even completed the last new class yet.

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    I would be open to thinking this was legit, until the last message. Cause it appeal to the idea that the internet are indeed purposedly flooded prior to blizzcon so nobody knows which "leak" is right - if the real information should leak.

    Oh well.

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    If there is going to be a new class, then it would be tied to the expansion - at least in some way.

    Same thing for new races, I can't see the races from MoP popping up again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAGNAROS WAS RIGHT View Post
    - No Player housing.
    only thing that is likely to be true

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