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    Hey wait a minute, I never really gave it any thought but isn't a ton of Legion shit locked behind the class halls? Like half the campaign or story beats... Do Evokers just not have access to all that?
    Literally nothing about the Legion expansion's main storyline is tied to the order halls. You can level your character all the way to level 60 in the Broken Isles without ever setting foot in the order halls and not miss any part of the main storyline. The order halls are unnecessary to the leveling experience.

    Even when the Legion expansion was the current expansion you could go all the way to max level without touching your order halls. You could just literally head into any of the zones and start questing there.

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    I haven't thought about Scholomance myself, because its an instance, and I don't think we had previous class halls in dungeons. And even then, how it would work? Players necromancers would be barred off from entry to the class hall if they kill Gandling in scholo? Or someone else is in charge these days?
    They could just make a copy of the instance and update it as a class hall and access via a Necromancer specific portal/entry like they did with the priest/lock class hall areas.

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    Necromancer: Scholomance

    Evoker: One of the creches in Forbidden Reach

    Tinker: A top secret labaratory in Gadgetzan

    Spellbreaker: A portion of the Magisters Terrace

    Bard: A Bard's Festival that travels Azeroth and beyond. Think like a never ending rock concert

    Runemaster: A section of the legendary Stonetalon Caverns

    Corsair: Plunder Isle or in Booty Bay

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMonkeyofMoo View Post
    Oh interesting. I guess cause I did it when it was current it’s all just jumbled together in my memory. Blizzard actually had the foresight to separate the two!? How un-blizz like…
    Originally you did have to go to your Class hall in-between, but it wasn't materially linked to it so untangling that was trivial. They only had to change a few breadcrumb quests and set up that one for all table in Dalaran.

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    Acherus? Because unfortunately Unholy DKs are essentially necromancers.

    I don't care about Wow 11.0, if it's not solo-MMO. No half-measures - just perfect xpack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    I like this idea. To expand it further, the school, or maybe your character, is now responsible for continuously reanimating Gandling to keep the dungeon integrity.... and behind the curtain, your character is the one running the show.
    Or you're just doing it for fun. And because you don't like him.

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