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    World of Warcraft: Empire of Void - 10.3 and Beyond

    At the end of the 10.2 Amirdrassil raid, the new World Tree is saved, which activates the mother oathstone at Tyrhold.

    10.3 - Return of the Aspects

    When the oathstones are all activated, the tower of Vakthros in the Azure Span begins glowing with arcane energy. Below Vakthros is a huge system of arcane ley lines that powers a Titan facility where the Aspects can re-empower themselves.

    New Raid is Vakthros.

    Iridikron was planning for Vakthros to be unlocked and gets inside before us. We fight against his forces and through some Titan related bosses until we fight Iridikron. At the center of the ley lines is a Titan machine called the Eye of Norgannon. We battle for control to empower the Aspects. Iridikron is using the machine to empower the essence of Galakrond which we find out in the 10.3 campaign is actually called the “Void Soul”.

    We beat him, and empower the Aspects, but Iridikron collapses the cavern and escapes. Nozdormu and Kalecgos chase him and the raid is over.

    World of Warcraft: Empire of Void

    Cinematic will come at Blizzcon.
    In the cinematic Nozdormu and Kalecgos are chasing Iridikron through the night sky trying to bring him down. Iridikron flys over a mountain and they lose him in the clouds. We don’t know where they are until we see Iridikron land, turn into his visage form, and then limp up some very familiar steps. He is standing in front of the Dark Portal. Nozdormu and Kalecgos finally catch up and tell Iridikron to surrender. He monologues and then uses the Void Soul on the Dark Portal. The Void Soul fires a beam of Void magic at the dark portal which spreads and violently turns the portal purple. Void energy begins to pour out and an army of Voidwalkers come through the portal. Nozdormu and Kalecgos try to fight them. The camera follows Iridikron who continues monologuing and changes back to dragon form. He flys into the portal and reveals a massive void realm of planets being drained into a Void Maelstrom. Iridikron soars over the tops of a few of the main zones and then we see the logo.

    New Continent is Zakaar, the Fading Empire.

    Zakaar is a pocket dimension between reality and the Void realm that the Void Lords use to transform mortal beings into Void twisted armies. This place is scattered with countless planets that are either corrupted completely by Void or are in the process of being consumed into a giant Void Maelstrom. The skyboxes are filled with dark stars, Void planets, and nebulae. Think of an Outland 2.0 that is completely designed around void and space magic. There are a handful of planets that are colliding against each other as they get sucked into the Void Maelstrom. They are the different zones of Zakaar and create a unified landmass. This is not like the Shadowlands, the zones are connected. Each zone is a totally unique “planet” that was brought into Zakaar by the Void. The main zones we travel to still have denizens that are fighting back against the Void, although not many are left. They all have different cultures and mortal races, the only thing they have in common is that their overuse of arcane magic attracted the Void Lords.

    Zakaar is very much like Outlands meets Void meets Guardians of the Galaxy. This is pretty much a “space” expansion, but the story isn’t that cosmic in scale. At least not at first. The art style takes classic sci-fi designs and reimagines them into a more Warcraft grounded style of arcane space magic. The style is vibrant and fun. Zakaar is not a desolate husk like parts of the shadowlands were. This is more like Outlands 2.0. Dynamic flying is enabled throughout.

    We land on Zakaar after regaining control of the dark portal. We quest through the zones helping each “planet” survive being corrupted by the void. The main villain is a Void lieutenant named Xeros. He is a creepy purple cloaked void mage who resembles a Ringwraith that is in charge of conquering all the planets in Zakaar.


    Karthuun - This planet has an ogre-like race that wears armor thats basically like a Warcraft version of the Warhammer space marines. They are a brutal low tech civilization that uses chainsaw swords and guns. Kind of similar to the iron horde. Their buildings and society are all roman influenced and they have many colosseum like structures.

    Alnir - This planet has a race of mortals that are basically just space knight Vrykul that are addicted to arcane magic. They have floating castles and huge beards. They also all have the warcraft equivalent of laser swords. They are not like lightsabers, more like runic energy swords that kind of resemble Taeshalach.

    Xeraxas - This is the home planet of a race very similar to Ethereals. Long before falling into Zakaar, the mortals of Xeraxas killed a titan who ruled over them. In the battle, the titan pummeled the planet with arcane energy and turned them into these “Ethereals”. The main hub city of Zakaar is built inside the titans skull. They have architecture very similar to Suramar style but they have much more glowing magic floating around and holding ancient buildings together.

    Osrium - This planet is home to a race of Anubis looking humanoids that have superior arcane technology. This zone is heavily based on ancient Egypt and it basically looks like if you put an updated Uldum in the Netherstorm. They have flying space pyramids powered by arcane magic. Osrium is in a constant void storm and parts of the desert are being eroded into void.

    Mukoro - This planet is home to a race of Earthen-like mortals that are built like Kul Tirans and are based on pacific island themes. The design looks kind of like Ori and the Blind Forest meets Easter Island heads. Its an exotic tropical space island with amazing glowing waterfalls that fall off the landmass and into the Void. There are giant stone statues that glow and have sentience. Its the most recent planet to fall into Zakaar and has been destroyed by Void the least. The environments are still vibrant. There is still an atmosphere and you can see blue skies with cosmic chaos floating in the skyboxes.

    New Features

    Playable Race - Ethereals

    Void Rifts - These are randomized scenarios that take the player to explore the remains of the Void-corrupted planets in Zakaar. They are basically just reworked island expeditions with added power ups similar to Torghast and can only reward cosmetic items. These are not hard or timed. Can be done alone or in a group up to 3 people.

    New Legendary System - There will be a robust legendary system similar to Legion legendaries. They can drop from multiple activities and will drop the same way Legion legendaries did. From launch there will be a farmable currency from most activities that can be used to deterministically buy the legendaries you want from a vendor. Basically the acquisition system is the same as it was in the final patch of Legion.

    Dynamic Flying Available Everywhere - Dynamic works on most flying mounts. Still cant fly in Quel’Thalas, Azuremyst Isle, etc.

    Timewalking Updates - Timewalking events will offer rotating world quests for players to re-experience old zones. Wrath Timewalking will offer a handful of quests from Icecrown, Storm Peaks, and Howling Fjord. They will reward Timewarped Badges and recolored quest gear.

    Dracthyr Classes - Dracthyr will be able to be Warriors, Rogues, Mages, and Hunters.

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    I like my leak (just like yours, generated by chatgpt) more:

    Title: World of Warcraft: Shattered Realms

    In "Shattered Realms," Azeroth faces an existential threat as the Void's influence spreads, tearing at the very fabric of the world. The expansion focuses on resolving player criticisms by combining three major elements: the expansion of the Void storyline, a reworked old world, and significant quality of life improvements.

    Key Features:

    The Void's Ascendancy: The Void, once lurking in the shadows, now becomes a central force in Azeroth's narrative. Players must unite to combat this cosmic threat and prevent it from devouring the world.

    Reworked Old World: Azeroth's classic zones receive a complete overhaul, including updated graphics, revamped questlines, and dynamic world events that keep even veteran players engaged. All content scales to a player's level, ensuring a seamless experience.

    Quality of Life Improvements: Addressing long-standing player concerns, this expansion introduces numerous quality of life improvements, such as enhanced UI customization, streamlined professions, cross-faction communication, and accessible gameplay options for all.

    New Race: Ethereals: Join the enigmatic Ethereals, a race of interdimensional travelers, with unique abilities such as phase-walking and void manipulation. Their diverse backgrounds add depth to Azeroth's lore.

    New Class: Tinker: Harness the power of invention as a Tinker, a master of gadgets, explosives, and machinery. Customize your playstyle with an array of unique gadgets, exosuits, and turrets to suit your needs.

    Void-Touched Abilities: Unlock Void-touched abilities and talents for all classes, adding a cosmic twist to each class's gameplay. Harness the Void to augment your powers and take on Void-corrupted foes.

    World Events: Engage in world-changing events as the influence of the Void alters the landscape, introducing dynamic challenges, powerful enemies, and epic battles against Void Lords.

    Alliance-Horde Cooperation: A new threat forces the Alliance and Horde to work together more closely than ever before. Cross-faction questing and raids allow players to unite against a common enemy.

    Community-Centric Gameplay: Foster community interaction with enhanced guild systems, cooperative world events, and cross-realm grouping for easier coordination with friends and allies.

    Cinematic Storytelling: Immerse yourself in a gripping narrative that unfolds through cinematic cutscenes, revealing the origins and motivations of the Void and the battles waged to save Azeroth.

    "World of Warcraft: Shattered Realms" combines the epic struggle against the Void, a reinvigorated old world, and significant quality of life improvements to create a player-centric expansion that addresses long-standing criticisms. With the addition of the Ethereal race and Tinker class, this expansion offers new ways to experience the rich world of Azeroth. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey to save the world from the encroaching Void!

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    When you try to think of a good name but pull out the “sounded cool when i was 12”.

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    Forums are so much fun these days.
    Just walls of shittyGPT text.

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    Can't all this shit get its own section?

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    The opening is literally just the WoD cinematic.

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    Even if fake, this sounds very cool.

    And I don't think that chatGPT would have specified things such as "Zakaar is not a desolate husk like parts of the shadowlands were". Although neither would Blizz, so it's pretty clearly fake.
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    That was pretty good, I like the concept. It's a bit light on features, though.

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    Pretty well written, but Im certain they will not do a setting like this after SL. It's too far away from core warcraft tone and setting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AudibleEscalation View Post
    Forums are so much fun these days.
    Just walls of shittyGPT text.
    I always laugh at people saying that chatGPT is a threat.
    But then again it seems there are apparently a lot of people who can't tell AI content from content from real users.
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    You know, some of the zone designs and ideas sound rather awesome, and the game could use that art style direction again.

    Quote Originally Posted by IntoZakaar View Post

    Dracthyr Classes - Dracthyr will be able to be Warriors, Rogues, Mages, and Hunters.
    They will get all the classes as are all races eventually.
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    Wait i thought the Aspects were getting Empowered by the new Tree?

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    How about "The Dark Below Above" instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itori View Post
    When you try to think of a good name but pull out the “sounded cool when i was 12”.
    like battle for azeroth, i really thought that sounded fake lmao

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    This sounds underwhelming enough to be true.

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    Sure. I'd buy that.

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    Well, at least it's believable. You went through a lot of effort with this one.

    Though it's basically Ultima Thul - the expansion. Cool idea nonetheless.
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    I love the literal 1 to 1 reuse of the warlords of Draenor and legion cinematic. So obvious. Love too how it keeps saying again and again "sorta like outlands 2.0"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melorandor View Post
    You know, some of the zone designs and ideas sound rather awesome, and the game could use that art style direction again.

    They will get all the classes as are all races eventually.
    Yeah that part is funnily the biggest giveaway speaking they are working hard to do "one class at a time" as it's easier to do it all at once as it means they just need to do one questline to sorta lump them all together. Or even just add them whatever or add some NPCs around that sorta introduce them lore wise. And it's easier to go all at once like "what would X races Y thing look like? Now what would Z races Y thing look like?"

    And with that, why would they bother adding new classes to dracthyr, without just adding all the classes, or atleast all the classes that currently are useable by all races, why I do their own work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eeram View Post
    Wait i thought the Aspects were getting Empowered by the new Tree?
    They are so ..
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    The dude thinks there will be 10.3, how cute.

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    If you want to make your 'leaks' sound credible, stop using words like 'basically' in every sentence.
    Blizzard never has, and never will write like that in their press articles.

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