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    chat gpt has many leaks recendly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leviandruz View Post
    World of Warcraft: The Dark Continent.

    - Lvl 80.
    - 6 New zones, (part of Avaloren included), Ny'alotha 11.1
    - Class lore quest with reward for each class spec.
    - HC leveling mode option for retail.
    - Rework of raid (N, H and M 10 players option).
    - First raid, "Laboratories of the first flesh", 8 bosses (last boss, Remnant of Odyn).
    - 8 new dungeons (Maraudon Rework).
    - Archeology rework (Dwarves and blood elf campaign).
    - Legacies of Azeroth, campaign for new players.
    - New glyph system for classes.
    #0: I must give it to you.. you win the award for the absolute most ridiculous imaginary title ever so far! "The Dark Continent." How freaking dumb and pathetic an attempt.. omfg.

    "The Dark Continent.".. /facepalm x100
    Thanos should have won..


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    There it is guys, this is it. The most probable leak. Looks so good can't wait to play it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luck4 View Post
    Blizzard would rather see the game die before adding 10-man CE content again.

    Every time someone asks about it in interviews, the devs are quick to dismiss any possibility.
    This is probably due to the fact that there's a substantial amount of people who watch the RWF, and apparently the numbers have been growing. Changing from 20 to 10 would alienate every RWF guild. Even with the argument "well you could form more teams from the 20s and you'd have more competition!" it still isn't worth it. The number of tanks required to put everyone affected on a team would instantly double, and you'd need a few extra healers as well. People could get slotted as back ups but people who were playing and are now sat as back up aren't going to want to sit on the sidelines. In any case, the RWF is a cheap marketing tool for Blizzard, and having that disrupted is not worth it for them. So as long as RWF remains popular enough, we won't see 10 man mythic.

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    Hey look, chat GPT can create these in seconds!

    Title: World of Warcraft: Chronicles of the Eternal Abyss

    Leaked Expansion Details:

    New Continent: Abyssal Realms

    A vast, uncharted world hidden beneath Azeroth's oceans has been discovered, opening up a new continent called the Abyssal Realms. These realms are home to mysterious, long-forgotten civilizations and teem with new threats and allies.
    Two New Playable Races:

    Naga: For the first time ever, players can join the ranks of the Naga. Choose between the more traditional Naga or the elusive Deepcoil, each with their own unique racial abilities and storylines.

    Ethereals: These otherworldly beings have been drawn to the Abyssal Realms by powerful artifacts and ancient mysteries. They offer players a unique perspective on Azeroth and its history, with their own set of abilities and starting zones.

    New Classes:

    Tinker: Engineers rejoice! The Tinker class finally makes its way into World of Warcraft, featuring customizable gadgets, power armor, and an array of mechanical companions. Whether you're a master of explosions or a healer with a mechanical twist, Tinkers offer a dynamic playstyle for all roles.
    Level Cap Raised to 70:

    As the mysteries of the Abyssal Realms unfold, players can achieve a new level cap of 70, gaining access to powerful new abilities and talents for all classes.
    New Dungeons and Raids:

    Dive deep into the ocean depths to explore sunken ruins, face off against the ancient Kraken King, and challenge the enigmatic Atlantean Council in thrilling new dungeons and raids.
    Artifact Weapons Return:

    Artifact weapons make a triumphant return, this time with a new twist. Players can forge their own legendary weapons using materials from the Abyssal Realms and customize them to suit their playstyle.
    Allied Factions:

    Build alliances with various factions from the Abyssal Realms, each offering unique questlines, gear, and bonuses. Forming these alliances will have a significant impact on your character's progression and story.
    New PvP Battleground:

    Engage in epic battles in the "Tidebreaker Arena," a massive underwater battleground where teams fight for control of powerful relics that grant game-changing abilities.
    Player Housing:

    Dive into the depths and claim your own underwater lair, where you can customize your home, showcase your achievements, and unlock unique benefits such as special crafting stations and transportation hubs.
    Updated Professions:

    All professions receive a major overhaul, with new recipes, materials, and mechanics that tie into the expansion's underwater theme.
    Expanded Lore and Storytelling:

    Chronicles of the Eternal Abyss will unveil the deep history of Azeroth's oceans, including the origins of the Naga and the mysteries of the Abyssal Realms.

    I can't wait to face Kraken King!

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    Will people ever stop posting fake leaks just cuz Blizzcon is coming?

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