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    Exclamation BREAKING: WoW Moonlight Sonata LEAK - Everything You Need to Know

    User1: Hey folks, I've got some INSANE information about the next World of Warcraft expansion, Moonlight Sonata!

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    A single sentence fake leak? Bold move Cotton.

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    guys you think this is the one?

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    “Everything we need to know”

    Literally no information… guess they’re not wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elbob View Post
    guys you think this is the one?
    Yes, it makes perfect sense that the next expansion would be named by Manga writers, using random pre-20th century European words/terms/names.

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    Well, my sources said the next expansion is called Warcraft: The Musical.

    Just gonna /sarcasm this for safety.

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    Oh the new Castlevania Pachinko Machine silly OP mixing up your games

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    They're not going to name an expansion after a Beethoven symphony. If you're going to post a fake leak, at least make it sound less idiotic.

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    This could have been cool if you had a clue or something

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    this leak season has been some serious ass

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    Guys... LET HIM COOK

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    Ok so will playing it open part of a wall where I can pick up a crest, that will stop a clock in the dining room where I can collect a key item?

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    Since the OP forgot to include details, I'll make shit up.

    In World of Warcraft: EternalMoonlight Sonata, players will get to experience an incredible realm of fantasy that, in an incredible twist, exists entirely within the head of famed classical composer and pianist, Frédéric ChopinLudwig van Beethoven, who is currently resting on his deathbed. Experience the majesty of music as you quest through zones based on famous compositions, and meet interesting characters based on famous musical concepts and instruments, and wield mighty weapons based on famous musical instruments.

    As you journey through this magical realm, you will encounter many memorable characters, including A GIRL WHO IS APPARENTLY GOING TO DIE, DISNEY'S ALADDIN BUT HE'S ANIME, and A CHILD WITH A GUN. As you endeavor to help the girl to possibly avoid dying, you will join a rebellion and fight against the villainous STACHELESS MOUSTACHE TWIRLER.

    Collect many new and wondrous mounts, ranging from a flying pianist bench to a flying piano to a flying score sheet, and new pets, from small sentient plants to a smaller, non-flying piano, the possibilities are limitless!

    No new race.


    With this inundation of musical whimsy and magic, there was really no better time to introduce THE TINKER. Utilizing various musical instruments and the ability to manipulate their various delicate strings and valves with incredible precision, the Tinker class will weave a tune of destructive majesty across the World of Warcraft. With their incredible tuning capabilities and ability to maintain their instruments, Tinkers will be a sought-after part of all musical aficionado raid groups.

    ...alright, stopping because I'm already bored of writing this.
    confirmed by my uncle nitnendo and masahiro samurai

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    Yeah, that's why you have a LLM write it for you. But seriously, please don't people, that shit is boring. Write your own fakes.

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