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    So I have kind of gotten out of competitive play and more towards just collecting mogs and playing for fun.

    Is it too much work for my main goal in wow to run LFR on one race of every class? So basically 13 toons through LFR every week collecting the tier sets?

    If LFR averages 2 hours per toon, thats 26 hours a week. of only spamming LFR...
    Depends on what you want from it

    My warrior needed 3 wings
    First and last two
    Luckily vault and pug saved him but let's go with my shaman
    For trinkets and any special gear he needs essentially the same 3 wings

    So you'll never have to do full runs plus you can abuse the heal role in a few classes

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    Just wait a year after the next expansion comes out.
    Then do it as a legacy raid.

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    Yes. It is entirely too much work to play WoW for 26 hours a week with your only aspiration being to collect mogs from LFR.
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    You're the only one that can answer that since you'd be the one doing it.

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    Everyone has already covered the fact that you're the only person that can decide how much you value your time versus having a full LFR tier set on every class. I can only add "Do you want a near-full-time job that only pays in pixels?" If yes, then have at it.

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