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    Nope. A new season of M+ doesn't call for a new dungeon. It is fine with expanding the inclusion, and have the current and old dungeons on rotation.

    do you also set the bar of quality so low for your personal life?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynexia View Post
    It literally feels like utter trash doing old content.

    Why not... halls of stone? or Shattered Halls? or heck... even Dire maul or something...
    Atm vortex pinnacle is the only one
    Can't say I disagree to some of your poset, but...... Contradict much from start of post to end? Either old content is utter trash or not...what is it?

    Plus: It is either your kind of thread or somebody makes one like "Keep old content relevant, it is a shame to see all that cool shit wasted" usually...the "community" can't agree...other than whatever Blizzard does is shite.

    That said: I did old content when it was relevant, I don't need it again...indeed...and if I do it for transmog, I want to face roll it. Seeing them in timewalking is the extent I agree with and can skip if I don't care.

    And I agree to your Thread Title. One dungeon per season would be cool. The Mega Dungeon is a fair compromise though IMHO

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    Quote Originally Posted by BasilTheRat View Post
    do you also set the bar of quality so low for your personal life?
    Oh come on, with a weak flaming attempt at trying to act like twitter drama. Most likely a throw-away account anyways.

    A new patch could invite a new dungeon, seasonal M+, no. Instead your dungeon pool should be stretched and the rotation including all previous expansions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynexia View Post
    That's where reworks come into it.
    There's no reason they can't make old dungeons have more mechanics.
    Sometimes I feel like people forget that blizzard can change things so anything can works. Sure some might require more work than others but it can be done to anything. The main question is why are they giving us BFA dungeons... Like, it's a bit of extra work to rework something like ramps, or OG violet hold, or swamp of sorrows. But the older the content the more likely it is that people would enjoy seeing it come back. We don't wanna do stuff we did last xpac or in BFA, we wanna do things that we haven't run properly in forever.
    They already do add more mechanics to dungeons when they add them to M+, was just talking to a buddy about this the other night, they added mechanics to every boss fight in Vortex Pinnacle to make it more engaging in M+.

    As for why they do the newer dungeons first, it's because they're easier to rebuild in to the M+ format. I'm sure they're working on the older dungeons in the background, but the newer dungeons are faster to do for easy wins.
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