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    Yes, this exp don't have one "cool" moment, it's just meh.

    Both SL and DF I could not care less about the lore.

    If we go back to other exp. WOD, had amazing lore videos, the orc fighting the orcs in the valley until all of them die. Black hand fight.
    Legion. Illidan VS Naruu

    DF: We have a little gnom going super girly/kid and talk about her emotions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mace View Post
    Maybe it’s just wow exhaustion but both Shadowlands
    Shadowlands should be put into a cannon and shot at a blackhole it is the worst expansion by far the jailer story is so bad it would be an insult to call it an ai generated story

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    You will never love wow the way you used to because:

    - You’re older
    - You’re conditioned to “min-max”
    - There are addons you need to install that overlay the game and remind you it’s a game

    In my opinion, this is compounded by stuff like:

    - Way too many small things in the game being about the creators of the game taking “ownership” of it and wanting to “express” themselves through it
    - The open world is essentially a lobby for getting you to instanced content that’s over optimized by those who partake in it (in a lot of cases, because the developers have designed the content over-optimized those people)
    - The story has had pretty much no “oompfh” moments and you need to engage with content creators to get the most out of it
    - Legacy content is jarring to engage with in many cases

    Basically, there is no way to suspend reality anymore and lose yourself in the world. It’s a game and you’re reminded it’s a game made and inhabited by other people pretty much whenever you’re logged in. Don’t even get me started on what the store does to immersion.

    I think they should just put in way more effort. Zones need to be bigger and have big, dumb, awesome set pieces. The current team seems averse to putting anything gritty or grimy in the game: it needs to be all over it to feel like a world. I think most addons should be banned and instanced content should be made way easier, shift to where you’re rewarded for understanding how the game (and the world) works rather than for being able to react to ground effects - I think MoP or WotLK had a good difficulty level.

    I can’t really comment on how endgame loops should be changed since they’ve been pretty fine for the entirety of the game. But more raids being out (or relevant) at once would help and, as long as content pace remains high, I think the current system works.

    I think the story piece is an important one they need to address though, if the world doesn’t feel like it has real sadness and scarring (and not like: this character is sad because their father was a bad dude) it’s just not interesting to explore. The cosmic stuff is fine but the dangers the forces pose needs to be established in the world and in set pieces, not in moustache twirling character exposition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    I mean, we're in the "nature is healing!" phase of WoW with Dragonflight, would you be for an Anti-Cataclysm Expansion, where we work with neutral groups of shamans, druids, and the like to go around EK and Kalimdor draining Thousand Needles, filling ravines, wrestling tornados and fighting volcanoes?
    In short, yes though an entire Expansion dedicated to it seems a bit overkill. But I would definitely want to see quest lines in where we help restore atleast parts of the world, though I think it already mostly has, they just haven't put those changes in visually, Canon wise it's been what 15+ years since deathwings defeat?

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