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    Ex-Blizzard employee?

    YEAH RIGHT, as if anyone was leaving this amazing company these days. Completely unbelievable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yzmor View Post
    Again: Datamining debunks all fake leaks. Heroic / Epic Edition of 11.0 and other achievements tied to it / things to be revealed at Blizzcon suggest the next expansion is elemental / dwarven themed involving Khaz Algar and the Sector referenced in DF. Look it up on Wowhead, it's kind of obvious what the theme can and can't be now; so Void, Light, Scarlet Crusade, Quel'Thalas, world revamp and things like that are just 100% fake at this point, no matter how cool they sound, sorry.
    When has any expansion ever been just one thing? Legion was Fel/Demons, but look at how different all of the zones and story was. The first raid was Emerald Dream.

    I can easily see all the dwarf stuff being real PLUS void is the catalyst to it all and sprinkled throughout. Who's to say Quel'Thalas can't get a revamp during a Dwarf expansion?

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    Alliance players really still hope they will ever be allowed to enter Silvermoon and Lordaeron unharmed lol. Keep dreaming. Those places belong to the Horde now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gloriandus View Post
    This leaker just sent this to me via Chris Metzen's chiropractor
    Scabbard hair aside, I like that gryphon/eagle beak.

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    I think this might be the real leak guys. It doesn't explain much, so we still don't know any real details, but it does sound plausible. Will be checking back after Blizzcon to see if it was right for sure.

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