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    Exclamation Can this get bubbled up? The War within shaman Hero spec consideration

    I am getting excited about the concept of hero specs in the trilogy series “The war within” and having played a shaman on and off for nearly its entire 2 decades of story telling I have had a reoccurring thought about shamans.

    If we can manipulate and bend elements to our will, summon earth, air, and fire elementals. Why can’t we train to bend the elements around us to augment us like a combination of ascendance and being conjoined or infused with our elementals?

    Just spit balling but from these hero spec we could master an element, earth could allow for enhancement to tank a heavy hit/off tank or soak a massive ability? Whereas it might augment the abilities of an elemental shaman and give a resto Shaman a raid wide cd or some form of rock wall spell to take cover.

    Those are more ramblings but if we’re doing Hero specs I sincerely hope this concept is discussed. It seems viable and would add such a fun unique way to play the shaman class while leaning into the Thrall archetype again of really having a deep control of the elements. I remember back in the old days when you could apply rockbiter to your weapon and taunt and off tank. I loved that little ability to maneuver a situation on the fly. That’s what makes shaman so fun is the play styles can be incredibly unique.

    Ps. This doesn’t even touch the ability to hero spec into fire elemental, air, some kind of healing elemental? Just opens the door to some really cool design options for the class

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    Augmenting ourselves with the elements is counter to our nature. We infuse the elements, manipulate and bend them like the avatar. Actually we are more like the Avatar than anything now that i think about it. We don't do enough with Spirits though. It's a core theme from the very beginning when you ask the Greater Elementals of the 4 planes to help you. That was the whole point of the totem quests. Totems are infused with an elementals power and would have to return to their plane to recharge for a short time to recover, hence cooldowns.

    I just want a rework the whole talent tree is clunky. I can either play what feels fun and smooth or what actually does damage. Just delete Icefury at this point.

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    The more i see the hero talents of other specs the less interested in them, oh boy i cant' wait to see 7/11 new talents just bland percentage buffs that will have content balanced with them in mind anyways...

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    Yes and to add to your opinion which is right, and to have everything balanced in the last 3/3 expansion patch in the last raid. Till then we will suck in dps most probably as most of the times lol. But a shaman (especially enhancement for me) has to do with the tools he has and i will keep being enha till wow ends.

    I am more excited and hopeful about the totemic warrior. I hope they will give us some feeling of being in UBRS in vanilla, dropping totems to help the group survive in the trash mayhem while offhealing and dpsing. Would be so nice but ok..maybe not possible

    Now going back to remix to play the shaman there, yes that expansion where we pwned in dps and made rogues and druids cry (especially in the thunder raid)

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