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    Revival catalyst transmog question

    Evening ladies and gentlemen

    Just a question about the revival catalyst.

    We all know that item levels were changed in 10.2 for the dreamsurge gear tokens, the time rift gear, the weekly dreamsurge currency gear and the suffusion camp loot.

    And that has also affected the revival catalyst for season 2 raid sets.

    Before 402 (the dreamsurge and time rift gear) would get you lfr
    415 got you normal
    and 428/431 got you heroic

    But that has changed since 10.2 and i'm left trying to figure out what item levels i need to finish the transmogs.

    Does anyone know what item levels we need now for getting the aberus tier sets from the revival catalyst?

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    It's a little harder since old season gear isn't upgradable, so you can't get multiple appearances out of one of those anymore, but old gear is still tierable into old tier. dreamsurge tokens start at 415 instead of 402 so I don't know if they turn into abberus LFR or normal appearances. Any upgrading of old tier does not cost any catalyst charges.

    Generally anything I've found that can be upgraded drops at 415 at the lowest, and you can get a fair amount of that even in Zaralek Caverns.
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    I have the same problem and can't find an answer anywhere. I've opened an in-game request, I'll give an update here.

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    From what I can tell the new Dreamsurge Gear is always normal appearance, no matter the ilvl of the Season 3 Gear. I would assume this also affects any other Season 3 outdoor World Activities.

    In regards to Season 2 Gear;
    411 is LFR Max
    415 - 424 is Normal
    428 - 437 is Heroic
    441+ is Mythic

    I would assume with the changes to M+ that the only viable way to get LFR/Heroic/Mythic Appearances now is the Raid.

    As for Season 1 you can get LFR/Normal appearances from the Forbidden Reach Token Gear (base Epic is LFR, the Knowledge Tokens bump it to Normal). I haven't checked this Season.
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    So yesterday I did a time rift got a piece of gear made it tier. ilvl421 was the LFR set. I upgraded the tier all the way to 450 and did not get any other appearance. This seems to only be for season 2 as the season 3 still gives a new appearance when upgraded. Not sure if upgrading before changing it will give the normal appearance or not

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    This person says a GM replied to their ticket and said it's not intended that Dreamsurge gear only grants LFR appearances, but I've never put much stock in what GMs say.

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