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    This is something that's been analyzed going back a long time, but it's less about the difficulty of the fight and way more about the amount of attempts it takes to learn the fight. You'll find that across the entire mythic raiding guild spectrum that the number of attempts it takes a guild to clear a boss averages out to about the same, whether they're a RWF guild or a mid-tier mythic guild. Also trends that it takes less attempts to learn with higher ilvl, as it allows you to shave off attempts by having slightly higher DPS or higher survivability, so as the raiding tier ages, the average ilvl of players rise and the amount of attempts on a boss drops proportionally. So at the start of the tier, most people clearing the encounters take roughly the same amount of attempts, and further down the line the number of attempts drops as people get more gear. The main reason that people aren't all clearing the content at the same rate despite needing the same number of attempts is just the amount of time they can dedicate to raiding per day/week.

    So what does that mean? What really separates RWF guilds from everyone else is the amount of time they front load into the raid, that's it. Yes, they have skilled players, but I think people really overestimate the skill difference because RWF guilds attract roughly the same level of skilled people... but you'll find equally or even more skilled people in lesser guilds. So why aren't these equal or more skilled people in RWF guilds? Usually they don't want the time commitment, they just don't like the general atmosphere that comes with raiding at a high level, or they just don't want to take the game seriously. I've know some insanely skilled people that just want to play casually because it's more fun for them. I've had the pleasure of raiding (and doing CMs/M+) with such people before, and when you start raiding at a high enough level you get to the point where you'll have friends and acquaintences in these higher tier and RWF guilds because they're all really similar when it comes to the type and skill of players.
    Not to be mean, but if you don't think there is a skill difference between going in completely blind, having to invent every tactic and figure every mechanic out, with 473 ilvl, downing the boss in 50 attempts, and going in after having watched several guides and kills, with 483 ilvl, downing the boss in 50 attempts, I think you need to rethink your outlook on this.

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    Damn, talk about a close victory!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mastacow View Post
    the truth's not. this stuff is old and tired.
    Getting karen vibes from you also.

    It's a video game. What these gigachad gamers are doing isn't hurting or effecting your gameplay.

    Thank you ElyPop for the sig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neforpubl View Post
    Getting karen vibes from you also.

    It's a video game. What these gigachad gamers are doing isn't hurting or effecting your gameplay.
    It'll be ok.

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    Whole lotta cope and seethe posts in here from folks who aren't even top 50 for their region, let alone going to see these bosses on mythic. LMAO

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