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    Quote Originally Posted by Nereidaa View Post
    Do you realise that the boss has a LFR, Normal and Heroic difficulty that most players will experience? That's not "resources that 99% of the raiding community won't touch". Tweaking some extra health and damage numbers and maybe an extra mechanic or two for the mythic version doesn't really spend any incredible amount of resources either, it's something a team like Blizzard's probably does in an afternoon, and then hotfixes live as they see fit. There are way more resources spent towards casual content that actually 99% of the community will never give a shit about (ie pet battles), and I don't see anyone complaining about that.

    Just say that you can't stand others being better at the game than you and it bugs you so much that others get to have fun while you don't, that you rather it didn't exist; then we can call things by their name.
    Why go down the you're bad at the game route... this is kinda of a trash argument...I have multiple CE done in Legion, BFA, SL and dragonflight.

    I just feel like RWF is becoming very big and too Professionalised to be good for the game long term. This pseudo esport has to much influence on boss design IMO, and it makes it so many mechanics are just thought to be difficult instead of interesting or fun. The seed on fyrakk is a perfect illustration of that. It's basicly if anyone fucks up on anything everyone dies no chance to recover. For me this kind of mechanic is just hard to be hard and nothing else.

    It also push blizzard to make those insanly hard mechanics that end up being solve by weak aura BS. Nelth mythic was basicly spend 50+ pulls figuring out who can't install a weak aura correctly because the mechanics was to hard to be solve any other way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostile View Post
    Shadow priest is currently in the dumpster and I just KSMed in 2 weeks with one.
    Metaslaving isn't as wide spread as it's said to be.
    you KSMd on a week where almost every group wants a priest for bursting... color us all surprised

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZazuuPriest View Post
    you KSMd on a week where almost every group wants a priest for bursting... color us all surprised
    Mass dispel has a 2 minute cooldown, it went into the dumpster too.

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