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    those of you complaining about this, honestly, the level of entitlement your showing is just astounding, be happy your getting anything for free these days from ANYONE, instead of bitching and moaning like little spoiled children, go make your own game and give everyone everything, and see how long your game will last before you will have to file for bankruptsy.
    You think this is free, huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    You think this is free, huh?
    I'm not subbed to WoW currently, and I already have Amazon Prime because I order medical supplies frequently enough that $15 a month saves me a ton of money on shipping (also get lots of Prime exclusive discounts and early access for lightning deals and stuff so totally worth it for me).

    Anything they give out with Prime Gaming is free to me, and I don't even need to be paying for the game right now, it'll be there to unwrap next time I login.
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    spectral tiger when
    Man, only if i didn't hesitate about them dupe exploit and actually thought it would be took away if fixed or something. I had plentiful money going around and put so much thoughts about it but decided to not buy it and actually, people kept them.... I can't remember how much my blood boiled Flood of forums were mad about it...

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