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    Quote Originally Posted by Enrif View Post
    That's not how it works. The theme was there first. The HotS mechanics are different as proven by others. Theme and Lore trumps any gameplay assumptions for new classes.
    Uh use Deathwing HotS' cataclysm ability in HotS. Notice that the reticle is pretty much the exact same as Evoker's Deep Breath ability, and it works almost exactly the same (flying in a straight path).

    Seriously, this isn't hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varodoc View Post
    You have convinced Me. Tinkers are the most logical playable class in the Worldsoul saga. @Teriz

    Anyone who thinks that Hunter already fullfills the fantasy of playable Tinker is 100000000000% being disingenuous and arguing in bad faith. Hunters are as much Tinkers as Paladins are Priests.
    Oh, I 100% agree. If Blizzard has the tech to make the class how they envision it, then Tinker seems the most fitting for TLT. The Tinker could easily fill the DPS, Tank, and Support roles fairly easily. I could see it having some very interesting and unique mechanics, as well as taking advantage of the 'custom mount' tech they previewed for TWW, allowing Tinkers to customize their 'Mech. And unless they have plans to some day add an actual Alchemist class for the little guys (Goblins, Gnomes, and Vulpera) riding around on the back of an Ogre (which I think would be both hilarious and awesome), I can see them bringing the Alchemist abilities into the Tinker (it really would make logical sense when filling out the Healer/Support spec). Also, using a flamethrower to *heal* people is definitely a Gnome/Goblin thing to do. Finally, we can say, "NOW you can stand in the fire!!"

    I only compared it to the Hunter because Teriz will take the slightest overlap or look at something through a specific, limited perspective and throw any concept they don't like out the window. A Runemaster is a Death Knight, a Blademaster is a Warrior or a Rogue (pick one depending on the weather), both a Firelord and a Sea Witch is a Shaman, etc. I can guarantee that if Teriz did not like the Tinker idea, Teriz would be arguing that the Hunter already fills that spot, especially if you add in the Engineering profession. And by extension, the Goblin Alchemist Hero already exists because you can make a Goblin Shaman (for Location AoE Buffs + Heals) with the Alchemy profession.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    Uh use Deathwing HotS' cataclysm ability in HotS. Notice that the reticle is pretty much the exact same as Evoker's Deep Breath ability, and it works almost exactly the same (flying in a straight path).

    Seriously, this isn't hard.
    Still, based on Onyxias Deep Breath. Theme and Lore was 15 years before any gameplay existed. The ability is just an emulation of Onyxias.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    You're forgetting the healing component available in Flame Buffet, and of course the life-binder aspects.

    Which will no doubt be expanded upon in the Ruby Adept hero.
    Flame Buffet does not heal as far as I am concerned, it places a DoT on enemy targets hit and slows them. There is only one talent which let's Alex to self-heal with that skill if it succesfully hits enemy, but it is not really healing button at all.

    Also Ruby Adept is irrelevant here, as we are talking about HotS influence on Evoker class design... and evokers were designed and released without Ruby Adept talent tree.

    See above.
    Adressed, no relevant argument to support your claims.

    Blessing of the Bronze: Movement increase and more rapid ability recharge for her allies.

    In terms of Preservation and Augmentation, again you had Echo mechanics, CD reductions, and CC.

    The blue spell Unraveling also originated here, but it was tied into Sands of Time.
    Would you be then so kind and point out to Chromie's abilities and talents which let's her to copy her next healing spells, reverse damage taken of her allies or buff her allies?

    Or would you show us what talents let your Preservation or Augmentation evokers Sandblast their enemies from afar, create their sand clones, place temporal traps and switch places with their sand clones?

    Hardly identifying?
    Both of above gifs are from WoW and not HotS, which is exactly what I am talking about.
    Thank you for finaly admiting that I am right.

    I would say tragicomic, but hilarious is also an option. I did not expect this level of self-reflection from you though. Nice to finaly see a shift in your discussion.

    Except we got both
    Well, but not really in the same way as in HotS, and that is the point. Both evokers and HotS dragons are based on Warcraft dragon lore and abilities we've seen on warcraft dragons.

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