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    best bang for buck build

    Hello everybody,

    World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

    I currently play at 1080p with various tweaks (Not bothered about all 10/10 but I like to have it stable especially in raids) and have about 100 fps. If any upgrades are worth me having to make it run 1440p 60 fps or better with a small budget,
    My configuration is the following:

    Motherboard: PRIME Z690M-PLUS D4
    CPU: i5 12400f
    GPU: 1660s ventus xs OC (Factory with the fast ram version)
    RAM: Crucial 2x16 DDR4 3200MHz
    Monitor: Aoc 32" qhd/1440p 70 HZ.
    Psu EVGA Silver 850 w
    case has excellent airflow so I don't think heat would be an issue.

    Is there a noticeable difference between 1080 and 1440p given my screens native is 1440p I override the game to 1080p.

    I'm looking at the possible upgrade of CPU or GPU that I would notice a difference on, but I don't want to spend too much and only if the upgrade is noticeable > 220 GBP is my top end for either. I don't aim to play with 10/10. At the price mark is it worth upgrading to the point I would see a noticeable difference or am I better spending more on one component.

    Any suggestions ?
    Thank you very much for the help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Filosofa View Post
    Any suggestions ?
    Posting in the correct section of the forums would definitely help.

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    New to forum < < < Thought General discussions would be the best place to start.

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    While you mentioned WoW, we do actually have a computer forum to talk about computer parts and build advice:

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    At the price of 220 there aren't any upgrades worth mentioning.
    You could go for a 6700xt at a minimum to have a feeling of an upgrade but I would rathet just save some more and get a 7700 or 7800.
    Keep in mind that DF in particular is poorly optimized, especially in crowded areas so no upgrade is going to be THAT meaningful.
    There is a huge difference between 1080 and 1440p at a native of 1440p. 1080 for 1440 native looks awful.

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    Everything you got can do what your looking for imo. Minus the gpu, it's going to be your hold back.

    220 is going to be rough though because gpus are generally the most expensive part of any system. A few options are there.. but it feels like they would be baby steps that lead you to feeling the need to upgrade again sooner then you want. Might just save up a bit more.

    Used is an option here but I have no idea how good it is where you're at. If it's like it is around here you might have a really good impact on proformance.

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    That's not a bad system you got there for WoW, throwing £220 at it will not buy you anything to noticeably increase performance.

    But consider this: your monitor maxes out at 75Hz anyway. I'm sure you're machine is able to play 1440p at 75Hz. Try it out, set everything to max quality and then lower stuff gradually until you get a steady 75Hz.

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