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    Should mythic raid offer better gear than the highest mythic+ dungeon?

    Currently, weekly great vault offers item level 483 mythic 2/4, if you complete a level 20 mythic plus dungeon. You don't even have to time it, just complete it. This means you can upgrade it to 489, which is what mythic Fyrakk drops. Tier sets, trinkets, and weapons can also come from the weekly vault and the catalytic converter. The only thing that is obtainable from raids, aside from mounts and cosmetics, is the legendary weapon.

    But mythic raiding is harder due to logistics, mechanics, and hard gear requirements like dps check.

    So wouldn't it make sense for mythic raids to offer much better gear?

    Here are some solutions I can think of:

    - Just like Delves in the next expansion, cap weekly vault mythic+ dungeon loot to heroic raid loot.
    - Maximum key level that rewards heroic raid level loot in the great vault is +15.
    - Mythic+ end of dungeon loot beaten within the timer should offer high end normal raid loot.
    - Mythic+ end of dungeon loot not beaten within the timer should offer low end normal raid loot.
    - Raid tier sets are not obtainable from doing mythic plus dungeons, either from end of dungeon or mythic+ weekly vault row.
    - Raid tier sets are not obtainable from catalytic converter either. Tier sets should be a raid-only luxury.
    - Raid trinkets are only available from raids, and not from mythic plus weekly vault row or end of dungeon mythic plus.

    A little more controversial suggestion:
    - Tier set items should only obtainable from boss drops, and not from the weekly vault's raid row.

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    There is almost no incentive for Blizzard to regress and provide less progression to any kind of player right now if they choose to seek it in their preferred game-mode. That's just a recipe for disaster for your evergreen players that they're trying to avoid right now. Doesn't matter if they're M+ pushers, Mythic raiders or otherwise. I very much doubt Blizzard will do a 180 on trying to open up the pathways to max ilvl / near max ilvl.

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    I don't think it overly matters. People got used to full bis crafted day one on alts. To be frank if you raid at that level you are more in it for mog/progression anyways.

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    They do, before these changes with ilevel, the average proper Mythic raider that would go at least 50% of the raid cleared on Mythic the first 2-3 weeks, would averagely been done gearing while you would reach the same item level around week 6-8, if you didnt get duplicates from the vault.

    To make you understand what i mean, if we use item levels, the average real Mythic Raider could be 480+ after the end of the second or third week, while those that dont do Mythic at best are gonna be 470+ and will require a weekly vault reward that is not a copy to achieve the same item level for like 7-8 weeks with secondary items.

    This was changed a bit with the aspects and its sped up since you can force the items to 483 item level so hitting 480 is faster than it was, averagely 5 weeks?

    But same with last season, most Mythic raiders were 445 by 3rd week and 447 after a few weeks, and the majority of HC/Raiders or less progressed players were stuck at 440-443, at least until week 6 when we took a break cause previous season was mega fast.

    Either way, despite the above, people need to start realizing after nearly 8 years that the game has been converted to seasonal and the better you are, the less you have to play to achieve things because there are multiple sources of gear.

    And all the above was typed for a reason, the game is a bit stagnated, the repeat of it is getting boring even for the veteran players, making the gearing last longer will simply make people quit at least the majority of the people i play with for the last 10 years.

    Right now, majority of the people i know that are 35-40 years old, are still playing it cause its really fucking fun to gear multiple characters and blast the shit out of M+.
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    Instead of looking at the gear as the reward you should look at it as nothing more then a tool to accomplish your own personal goals. Once i stopped caring about gear and instead looked at KSH and AoTC as my defining way to beat the season i was happier for it and this season i will be getting CE so there is that. Also i keep the game fresh by swapping every season and this is my first season healing as a mistweaver in a raid setting which has been really fun ( i still tank mythic + tho ). The problem with people who want Raids to be the sole activity at end game is that they need to understand we would just stop playing instead of adapting, while you may adapt a very large portion would just tell you to piss off.

    Raids already provide tier sets faster, better weapons, better trinkets, better gear per hour spent, a larger community and guess what its less popular because people want ease of access and not the accolades of " winning" which is whatever that means in a co-op game.

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