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    Would you like to explain this to the audience?
    And how does token relate to people who would automate leveling, rep grind or exploit bugs regarding it, for example?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daedius View Post
    I said to look at the account/character statistics
    There's plenty of situations where false flags are going to be raised. So what you're suggesting is to either

    a) Have more automated systems that wrongfully punish people (we know how well the report feature works when a group is feeling especially petty)... And then have hundreds- if not thousands- of tickets made that has to be looked into... Which then leads into...

    b) Have an employee (or a handful of) whose only job it is, is to comb through every single 'red flag' that gets raised, and investigate.

    Neither are good. Banwaves do their job; Blizzard are the only ones with the data to know how effective they are. Much as people like to spout off "hurr i still see bots blizz!" after every banwave goes out.
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    For anyone who thinks it would be easy to ban botters/exploiters permanently... just take a look at how miserably google is failing at trying to prevent people from using addblock on youtube. They are pushing updates out every few hours, sometimes breaking site functionality and getting nowhere.
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