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    When its not current and trending but because they actual believe in it, for example disney removing any lgbt scenes from movies so they will be shown in china and middle eastern countries.
    Also, because this is an interesting topic. Who exactly is Blizzard in your rant? Do you think people who put LGBT tropes in the game (like, the writers), are also the people who decide that those tropes should be erased from the game for different markets? And if those are not the same people, should the writers be forbidden putting those tropes in the version of the game released to western audience? If some exec decides that the LGBT tropes should be removed for reasons X, Y and Z, does that mean that the writers don't have actual belief in them? Are you, or are you not aware, that there are multiple people working both on the writing and the publishing side, and those people do not share a hivemind and can have different motivations?

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    This thread verges on a "WoW is Dead" riff coupled with topics being discussed more constructively elsewhere, and as such doesn't need yet another thread. Closing this.
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