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    Smile Dark Rangers Hero Talents (Suggestions).

    I created this art in another thread (maybe some of you saw it) and I would like to know from fellow hunters if you like the ideas I put into the art.

    A little explanation first:
    In my concept, the Dark Ranger archetype is a very stealthy Hunter, very fast and with a lot of agility. I always imagined the Dark Ranger as a Rogue Subtlety who uses a bow and arrow and that instead of having two charges of "vanish", "Crinsom Vial" and "cloak of shadows" he would have speed and teleports to survive a fight.
    I leave the critical damage and deadly attacks to the "Sentinel" and the insane survival to the "Pack Leader" (or vice versa).
    The Dark Ranger (as I imagine it) is the stealthy speedster.

    Another explanations:
    - Of the 11 talents, only 1 talent is a new button. Haunting Wave (item 6). All others are passive talents or replaced talents.
    - Item 4 requires the camouflage talent to be base-line in TWW. (Something that always should have been).
    - Item 8 requires the concussive shot talent to be base-line in TWW.
    - items 8, 9 and 10 are multiple choice talents.

    All other talents I believe are well explained.

    So follow the ideas for talents below:

    And if you liked it...
    I have a favor to ask:
    Could anyone post this image above or put the link to this thread on the official Blizzard forum?? (there is a blue post there in the general discussions tab about hero talents and feed back).

    I have a perma-ban on the official forum because of a fight between me and a moderator from my country like 7 years ago, sad....


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    what i want is to see it replace enough of the marks kit with instant cast dot type abilities that we get something close to old survival but shadow themed. What we'll get is crap i forget out but once a tier.

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    Dark embrace
    Multi-shot and all magic damage is converted to Shadowflame damage.
    Arcane Shot should change to Dark Shot.

    Black Arrow

    Replace Aimed Shot or Barbed Shot and also deal some minor direct damage and DoT damage.
    The DoT has a chance to reset its cooldown.

    Stalking Shadows Dark Hound is meh, would have liked something like Dark Shot has a chance to spawn a shadow clone that fires an Dark Shot and have 10% to stun a target for 0.5sec.

    Shadow Dagger
    I am missing Shadow Dagger, (should replace Serpent Sting) a high damage dot that lasts 5s. Hitting a target affected by Shadow Dagger with Black Arrow makes it spread to all nearby targets.

    Dark Aspects
    Aspects should under go a dark transformation with appropriate visual effects.
    Example: Aspect of the Black Panter, (replace AotC) same run speed increase but also gain stealth for the duration.

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