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    the simplest answer is - there isnt except for very few unlucky runs.

    problem always shows up in m+ when to many people in 1 group expect others to carry them . when 5 such people meet each other by accident in 1 group ? well ofc its a disaster.

    +18/+20 is like old +15 - farmed by geared experienced people so its the smoothest bracket to run once you are geared and have decent score attractive neough for good players to join your keys.
    Scaling is actually higher now than past seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoura View Post
    Scaling is actually higher now than past seasons.
    Kinda. Scaling is indeed higher but we got 39 item levels in the most recent raid where prior seasons were only 26. I can say with confidence that a 20 this season feels about as challenging as most 15s from SL did. (And 25s feel like old 20s.)

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    "I Am Vengeance. I Am The Night. I Am Felfáádaern!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by noctim2 View Post
    Hello there,

    I'm just a mythic+ simpleton with a max score of 2,600, but I still wanted to express my surprisingly positive experience with the mythic+ system.

    You often hear how toxic and tense the runs are supposed to be, how many people leave, and how many runs are supposedly depleted or aborted.

    To be honest, I can hardly understand these reports. 95% of my runs (currently approx. level 18-20) are completely relaxed, successful and without toxicity. I rarely come across a player who is obviously completely unsuitable for the mode. And even these players can often be compensated for with a bit of skill. In the rarest of cases, the timer is blown up and even then hardly anyone leaves.

    For reference: I play three classes as a tank, healer and DPS and have not discovered any particular social or technical problems in any role.

    Of course, it may be because this season seems particularly "easy" in the eyes of many experienced players, but I've actually been observing these things since Shadowlands.

    So where is the big stress factor?

    Edit: I'm 95% pugging M+
    thats because m+ is a very pleasant experiene in 95 % of cases as long as people do key on their score and gear level instead looking for free boosts.

    most people who scream about toxicity are people who have like 3k main and think that just because they have it they deserve free boost on their 440 itlv 300 score fresh alt in +18-20 because any keys below that are below them

    or in groups which just dont know how to play - when you join +20 with 3 dps doing like 100k st and 200k aoe then ofc you will have horrible time in there when other groups do like 200k ST and 500k-1mln aoe each

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    when you join +20 with 3 dps doing like 100k st and 200k aoe then ofc you will have horrible time
    Those numbers are bad, but I don't get the have a bad time part. Those numbers are easily timing 20s, +2ing them even as long as the group isn't dying. There is no hard dps checks at a +20 so no I'm never mad at dps numbers like that just doing weeklies they keys are still easy as fuck to time.
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