Poll: Do you consider yourself an Alliance player, a Horde player, or do you play both?

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    I would say one even though I have a character for every class on both factions, but most at max level are alliance, my main is alliance and the last time i seriously played a horde character beyond just leveling or some collecting shenanigans was demon hunter in legion.

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    i think this question shows more like how outdated/weird the faction concept is, like that you need to be on two different factions to experience the world etc,

    i originally was horde because blood elves were the only model that was basically playable without looking bad (for males in particular), but when void elves came i switched to alliance, alliance overall does feel more on the "main story" because it has humans, while horde an offshoot of monsters/villains asides from blood elves/nightborne, at least before the war ended for good in battle for azeroth

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    Horde for a life. Had some episodes with alliance but actually playin only horde.

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    Mostly Alliance. I chose horde when I started playing since the human side looked a bit bland, but from a story view, I hated how most of the horde destroyed nature and generally ruined the zones wherever they went lol

    I do have a couple of horde alts - for seeing BFA's other levelling zones and also because I do really like Tauren and blood elves

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    i play both sides, though horde a lot more, even when im in "maintenance mode" on my main

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    Both, though I have played far more Horde overall, mostly due to convenience. I picked them originally because I hoped to play an evil character, but there is no moral difference between the factions, so it just comes down to racial aesthetics. Frankly, the storytelling is often better for Alliance in my opinion, since from their point of view the Horde can occasionally look evil, justifying the conflict. From Horde perspective, it just seems stupid, good guys at war with other good guys for literally no reason.

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    People roleplaying on these forums are the fucking worst.

    "Durr am alliance bcuz horde evil!!" Both factions are pretty damn grey, and have been purposely painted that way the entirety of the game.
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    In retail I only play one character atm which is Horde. In SoD I play 50/50 Alliance and Horde on a shaman and paladin.

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