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    Revendreth. Despite all the negativity Shadowlands tends to receive, I honestly think Revendreth is by far the best looking zone in the game.

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    I always liked Zangarmarsh. I liked the ambient. Nagrand as horde player. Arathi Highlands i know its simple zone but i like it and the entrance between AH and Wetlands epic.

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    Doing one per continent as well, for the sake of fairness. Otherwise I'd probably have seven or eight for the vanilla zones alone!

    Eastern Kingdoms: Swamp of Sorrows, both original and the remake, is a solid zone. Atmospheric, decent quests, and good music. It doesn't get much love from players when these sorts of lists get made, but I think it was a good representation of what an enjoyable leveling zone could be.
    Kalimdor: Original Desolace had a wonderfully bleak vibe and, if one dug into it, some fascinating quests surrounding the centaurs. It wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but I found it an immersive zone to quest in.
    Outland: Azuremist Isle! I wasn't a fan of the Draenei, but this zone had an amazing vibe. Still one the best soundtrack songs in WoW's catalog. Technically it was part of Kalimdor, but since it is on the Outland map I'm including it here.
    Northrend: Borean Tundra is actually great! Lots of quest diversity, tense ambient music, and a fairly solid representation of the tundra environment. It might not be Howling Fjord but it is still great.
    Pandaria: Isle of Thunder is low-key lots of fun. One of the better patch zones the game has added, with one of the game's best raids included.
    Draenor: Ugh. Have to go with Spires of Arak, as it has the best lore in this expansion and has an interesting contrast between the arid spires and dry forest beneath, but it's really the only zone in WoD that I enjoyed.
    Broken Isles: Highmountain was fantastic and the rare zone that worked well for both flying and land mounts.
    Kul Tiras/Zandalar: Counting these together since they have so few zones. Most praise rightly goes to Drustvar, but Mechagon Island was legitimately a lot of fun. Like Isle of thunder, it was the rare free-form patch zone that worked well.
    Shadowlands: None of them. This expansion was an across the board trainwreck.
    Dragon Isles: Didn't play.

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    Terokkar Forest - The music, ambience and the history of the zone. Truly under-appreciated.

    As for favourite zones: Storm Peaks, Ashenvale, Nagrand, Drustvar, Spires of Arak, Revendreth and Suramar.

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