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    Quote Originally Posted by Varodoc View Post
    Do Anduin and Thrall really need more novel screentime?
    It's probably for those that enjoyed that cinematic.
    However I believe for most it'll likely be just a waste of paper that could've been better off making toilet paper instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EpicusMaximus View Post
    Well that's not bald and I wouldn't even call it a "feminism cut" as you describe, but just a modern hair style.

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    Oh lort Alleria butchered her hair.

    By Alleria i mean the people working at Blizz.

    Quite fitting though as the story hasn't really been improving i suppose.

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    True. But my understanding is that this is the second version, much like how Shadow Hunters in WC3 have images with and without a Tiki Mask.
    What about this version? This is a recreation I whipped up, since posting the original well.. would make issues no doubt.

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