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    so season of dads is already dying eh ?

    was always going to happen as leveling past level 20 was always extremly slow and boring in classic.

    i bet that in S3 they will up it again to like 200-300 % :P
    It's just the smart thing to do, level 1-25 was fast enough to not get bogged down too hard but everything beyond that is pretty tough.

    Which would be completely fine for era and your characters going into tbc onwards etc. but for a seasonal and experimental iteration? Nah fam, we're here for the new content, if I want to level slow and smell the flowers era and hc is right there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ereb View Post
    Has nothing to do with anybodys "fee fees" child. If you act like an asshole expect people to be assholes back. If you can't handle that, then don't be an asshole? It's quite simple lmao. The one who seemingly got their feelings hurt was the dude I quoted and he's banned now imagine that

    Did you have anything constructive or an original thought to actually say or you just wanted to shit post a bit?
    I wanted to shit post a bit

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    Quote Originally Posted by panda040 View Post
    thats totally like just your opinion dude, i bet many people disagree
    That's fine, many people also evidently agree.

    40-mans are objectively a pain in the ass to organize, a pain in the ass to maintain a roster for, a pain in the ass to PUG, a pain in the ass to balance (ie: they're just not well balanced), and are an entry barrier for some players. 20-man raids might feel less epic for some people, but they're a more functional format.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Because fuck you, that's why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panda040 View Post
    I wanted to shit post a bit
    Fair play then!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ettan View Post
    Is English hard for you?
    I may translate to another language if you need.

    Clearly reading is not a skill here.
    fam got rizzed fr ong

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