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    To me a specc is exciting, when I always have an ability ready to use.

    For example I am levelling a mechagnome as a prot warrior (don't ask) and that is just boring, because I hardly have the rage and abilities have long-ish CDs. Now..I know it gets better later on, but a Prot Paladin rotation is always fun to me, while levelling and at lv 70.

    Also I love insta cast abilities on ranged classes and want to have at least one insta cast AoE. I hate how seed of Corruption on an Affliction lock works - that must be the worst and clunkiest mechanic or I am just doing it wrong. But I MUST play this warlock as Affliction, because it was my first character I played seriously since 2005, so there is also this - Infecting multiple targets etc just works much better for me on my Unholy DK - and the minion has a little bit of micro management that I like just fine.

    Not the biggest fan of abilities that must be placed (prefer consecration to Death and Decay for example)

    I understand these are often tank for dps and as somebody with too many alts, I currently enjoy fury, arms and unholy the most. Also Beastmaster - but I don't think you are allowed to like hunters
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    I currently really enjoy DH (its just so smooth, with a pretty high skillcap), devastation (LAZOR GOES BRRRRRR) and Survival (it just flows, and bombs are really satisfying, its also by far the most enjoyable leveling class, its super overtuned and harpoon resets on every kill so all you do is ninja across the map from mob to mob and twoshot all of them).

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    I like a DPS rotation that does not rely on complicated build up or stacking buffs. I want to be able to do consistent, even damage from the full and onwards and not rely on building up to a moment of bursting.

    As is, BM hunter is by far my favourite rotation.

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    Power spender with skill booster. Actually enjoy retri pala which is great especially he is mid range melee so its more like ranged melee atm. Also like and loved since i remember arms warrior. Atm arms is quite similar to pally but withou that huge melee range. I love SP since shadowlands i know i know sounds strange but this classs i awesome to play if you figure out rotation.

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    Usually heal or tank, but the most I've had fun as DPS has been the first iteration of outlaw rogue back in Legion. Energy is my favorite resource, the RNG of roll the bones, nice burst phases with dreadblades. A lot of mobility, utility.

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    What I want from a rotation:
    1) not overly complicated
    2) not reliant on tiny burst windows
    3) always something available to press
    4) responsive (for some reason, DK feels sluggish to me)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roanda View Post
    I haven't played retail in a serious manner since Cataclysm. But I recall mages having a stacking build up sort of rotation. I believe it was combustion that was the key to it.

    Something like that is great. Something where you stack up and build up the power of something, then unleash a large burst.

    Moonkins also had a set bonus that did a similar thing. T10 offered "Languish: Set: Your critical strikes from Starfire and Wrath cause the target to languish for an additional 7% of your spell's damage over 4 sec." This Dot also built up and increased in damage each time it is refreshed. While it didn't pop like the mages, I enjoy the ramp up.
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    WoD Enhance shaman
    Legion and DF Ret
    Legion Fury
    Legion and SL Ele Shaman
    Legion onward Frost DK

    I love Ret Paladin post Legion even though I dont really love combo points which is why i dont play any other class that has them (post legion DKs might as well not have runes for all it adds (or doesnt) to the game play)

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    WotLK Enh Shaman
    TBC resto shaman
    TBC shadow priest
    WotLK Retri Paladin

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    Beast mastery for sure. I love the whole feeling of a train that just keeps chugging along faster and faster the harder you push it. Sometimes it feels limitless.

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    Whatever is overtuned and meta at the moment. I care more about parsing well and getting invitations than the actual rotation

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    In theory I like the rotations of frost and arcane, where you line up cooldowns and big hitters. I think it is the closest feeling to what a mage should be (big deciding hits, not little flurries of fillers) in fantasy. But in practice I loathe them, as most of the game these days is build like a fucking parkour course and you are constantly moving out of shit, which makes it a pain in the ass to pull off consistently, while the bm hunter next to you is sucking on his toes and does better without losing a single dps point.
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    The traditional Arcane archetype is the ideal DPS for me. It's extremely comfy and easy on low difficulty content and the damage is good,

    but if you go to hard content: you have to move every 3 seconds out of "fire": and that balances it perfectly and makes it fair.

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    I’m drawn to the mail classes for some reason. I like Evoker due to the class fantasy, but the rotations aren’t quite there yet, and the class feels a bit spammy. Still very fun to play.

    I will always have a soft spot for Enhancement Shaman. Maelstrom weapon is probably my favorite mechanic in the game, and they’ve done a good job giving you more melee buttons to press over time.

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    Ramp up with some procs and plenty of mana management. WOTLK arcane mage was great.

    Now that I think about it, Warlords of Draenor Subtlety Rogue was also pretty good. It was heralded as one of the most technical specs WoW had ever seen at the time, with tons of DoT management, procs that consumed your DoTs and short duration CDs to plan around. Subtlety was the kind of spec that you went when you wanted a challenge and some extra DPS for your efforts. Not so good when learning demanding content but great once you had everything on farm and the efficiency pĥase of raiding kicked in.

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    I'm loving Ret pala since the DF rework, first time maining and really enjoying ret after maining prot pala for more than 10 years and just playing ret for pvp.
    Short cds, simple build and spend rotation with some tier bonuse mixed in, lots of utility with heals, bubles, freedom... And the new multi hit wake of ashes with the chosen talents is one of the most satisfying buttons to press in the game for me, feels like a fury warrior but cooler.

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    Looking at the answers, the typical player likes to face roll. They saw it coming.

    It's unfortunate. Old iterations of the game required certain skillset. And you knew what niche the class would bring.

    It suddenly made sense why DH got so popular. And rogues historically been low on population - and still is.
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    Is it in this thread that I say that I have been playing with an Xbox controller for many years and I have a castsequence macro for my opener that I call the "death button"? And yes, I probably already killed you in some BG just by spamming a button and yes... I had a lot of fun.

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    The most interesting stuff I've played were probably Legion Arcane mage or BfA Holy paladin, especially the former. The rotation itself was quite simple on paper, but there was a lot of room to improve your dps via correct placement/timing of RoP plus an additional mana management tool in the form of Mark of Aluneth. But all in all, it was relatively straightforward, instead of keeping uptime on the 34260937867 "increases your damage by .001% during 3 seconds" BS buffs of today...

    ... Unless you and your guild are fine with you competing with the tanks for DPS, that is.
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