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    tailoring help

    im trying to level up talioring on alt to be able to craft cloth gear to help the guild i put all the necessary points in the garment crafting section and the 30 points in the 1st node of tailoring mastery to max it out with the help of a insight without the addition of a embellishment which means im missing 30 points for maxing the cloak out w/o the use of a insight, is there any where else i can gain those 30 skill points for also is there a addon that could tell me what skill point allocation ill need to do to get it?

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    CraftSim is the addon you want:

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    im going to need to have a look at that ty, where is the option for that as i think it may be unticked

    it says im missing 20 points after using a insight when a embellishment is attached only point distribution simcraft says im missing is for resourcefulness and inspiration, that cant possibly be right can it?
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    You can hover over all the specs, tooltip shows what you gain from it on the bottom.
    Maxed out tailoring is missing 24 skill without insight, so you can guarantee T5 with insight.

    Also, check if you equipped your profession tools ;-)

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