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    Set Your Sights on March's Community Discords Program

    Set Your Sights on March's Community Discords Program
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Keep warm and dry inside with the Community Discords program. This month we welcome a new Discord Server to the program—Achievements.

    Achieve with a New Program Member

    Meet the latest members to the Community Discords Program—Achievements. This English-speaking server brings together like-minded completionists to form groups to work on achievements and various other content throughout the game.

    Join the server here- https://discord.gg/achievements.

    Dungeon Dojo

    Mythic+ Monday

    Every Monday the community comes together to help each other learn how to do Mythic+ content. Beginners, returning players, or those who are learning a new class or specialization are all welcome. This is also the perfect time to achieve Key Stone Master and Key Stone Hero titles before the end of the season.

    Weekly Raid Progress

    The Dungeon Dojo now raids two times a week. On Wednesdays, take on Heroic difficulty Amirdrassil, for new players and for those willing to push themselves a bit more. On Fridays, join them for Normal difficulty raiding. It’s a great time to just chill and learn the fundamentals of raiding for all those who want to!

    Dungeon Dojo Invitational Season 3

    The biggest event for the Dungeon Dojo returns on 15-16-17 March. Teams from across the world battle to prove their skills, what they have learnt through the season, or simply just to have fun! The whole event will also be broadcast on the Dungeon Dojo Twitch channel at https://twitch.tv/dungeondojowow with a wonderful team of casters!

    All Druid Run

    On 2 March the Dungeon Dojo is doing an all Druid Run in Amirdrassil in Normal difficulty to showcase this very versatile class. Tune in for the fun!

    Join Dungeon Dojo community here: https://discord.gg/dungeon-dojo-874265119050301490

    Starship March Events

    The Starship Cup - Dragon Riding Tournament. SUBMISSIONS OPEN
    Date: 22 March

    Starship proudly presents "The Starship Cup" – join the exhilarating global dragonriding tournament!
    Get ready to soar through the skies as submissions open on 22 March. Share your swiftest dragonriding clips on the Starship Discord for a chance to compete. Open to riders from all regions, the top 16 fastest times will advance to the world finals in June. Witness the intense head-to-head contest live on Twitch!

    Sunday Raid School for New Players and Alts
    Date & Time: Every Sunday from 20:30 realm time.

    Are you new to raiding or looking to enhance your skills in a supportive and non-judgmental environment? Join Starship every Sunday for their Raid School. All skill levels are welcome as their experienced raid leaders guide you through current content raid strategies. If you can't make it in-game, catch the action on Twitch.

    Streamers Wanted!

    Starship community is looking for streamer. If you're a content creator and believe you'd be a great fit, reach out to the Starship admin team! Various opportunities, including casting roles, will be available.

    Join the Starship Community here: https://discord.gg/YnEjUDXa

    Warcraft Priests

    In February the Warcraft Priests team participated in the Oracle Priest Hero Talents reveal. Join the server for to participate in a deep dive analysis of the hero talent tree- https://discord.gg/A7PzqhuT.

    You can watch Warcraft Priests and the Taliesin&Evitel interview with George Velev and Rodney Pare here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI8vD46N9nM&t=1s.

    WoW Secrets Finding & Collections

    The WoW Secrets Finding & Collections has been busy playing Hearthstone and of course they figured out the new secret.
    Join https://discord.gg/wowsecrets WoW Secrets Finding & Collections server to learn more!

    Don’t press your luck and miss the March fun. Check in on the various Community Discords for any new activities they may have in store for the month.

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    Hearthstone has...secrets? im so confused

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roanda View Post
    Hearthstone has...secrets? im so confused
    This new intern student preparing these blue posts fucked up probably...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roanda View Post
    Hearthstone has...secrets? im so confused
    Quote Originally Posted by Mendzia View Post
    This new intern student preparing these blue posts fucked up probably...
    Not a fuck up, Hearthstone indeed has secrets. Most of them unlock card backs.

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