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    TY for Changing My Life

    About seven years ago, I came here asking about GW2. I was so fed up with WoW. I played GW2 and loved it so much. I'm full legendary on my mesmer. I listen to Maclaine Diemer's music every night as I fall asleep with sleepbuds. I even bought the GW2 launch edition in the aluminum collector's tin from ebay.

    So I really mean it, thanks for helping me fall in love with this game!

    But I have an ulterior motive. I want ask old school mmochampion members about ESO, BDO, and Lost Ark. Have you played any of these games? Would you mind sharing your thoughts and opinions?

    I'm just gonna leave it there and see what you guys say. Thanks again!

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    I played the ESO open beta. I remember finding the PvE to be thoroughly enjoyable. My sword hit like a wet noodle. Slashing 20 times at an enemy felt very unimmersive and disatisfying. The quests were mediocre. I did not like the plastic look of the characters or the art direction. Music was meh. The only fun I had was in the huge PvP wars in Cryodil, with one hundred players defending a fort against 100 attackers while I was shooting a bow, but I didn't find it fun enough to buy.

    For BDO I've only briefly touched. The only thing that really caught my attention was that it was the first game since EVE Online to have a really indepth face character creator, and that the interiors of buildings were phased so multiple people could buy house and own their own room inside it. But I did not like the photorealistic art direction, nor the action combat, and I had already been burned by a prior Korean MMO, Space Cowboy Online/Flysis/ACE Online/Air Rivals, which was my first ever MMO and was a fun faction war PvP MMO that was destroyed by the implementation of a literal P2W slotmachine that gave you the best armors in the game by gambling. That killed my interest in Korean MMOs, and upon hearing that BDO's PvP was P2W with you having to buy ghille suits and who knows what else killed any interest I had.

    Haven't touched Lost Ark. Don't like the aesthetic, don't like top down isometric camera view, also it's a Korean MMO so eh.

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