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    "What's the Best Gaming Setup?"

    I'm new to the gaming world and wondering what kind of setup works best for an optimal gaming experience. Any suggestions on hardware, accessories, or even gaming chairs. Looking forward to hearing your recommendations.

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    Thats highly subjective, a chair you like might not be perfect for someone else etc.

    Make sure you have comfy chair, and peripherals you like as keyboard and mouse.
    I prefer big screens so Im playing on a 42" OLED in 4k, and got a monster of a PC with 7800x3d and 4090.
    But I really like to have overkill setups if I can afford it.

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    There's never a best setup... your PC's obsolete within a week.

    [Pretty sure the OP's a bot though]
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    Wait for the RTX 5090.

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    Yeah dont bother with a gaming chair, just pick a comfortable one
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    I would say the best gaming setup is the setup that suits your game, I mean if you're playing highdef games then you have to get highspecs video card and all. If youre playing online casinos, chess, tetris, etc. then you don't have to get those highspecs.

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    computers now can become obsolete in no time. lol. one day you have the best PC in the market the next thing is its obsolete and you have to upgrade again. hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonasdouglas View Post
    I agree with you man. I have been playing online casino for a long time now and I didn't have to upgrade my PC to play it.
    Really man? just curious, what online casino do you play in?

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    I heard about it. Im actually playing in gamdom. I'll try to check that out, Man. thanks

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    Holy shit the data farming bots are rampant in this thread.

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