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    You say this like a "finite" endgame is a bad thing.
    Find a new hobby, read a book, touch grass.
    There's plenty to do in the game, and it's nice to do other things once you've had your fill for the season.

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    I feel like for there to be more 'vets helping newbies' kind of thing you need to make the game harder, more confusing to understand and a challenge to get into. Something that often kills MMORPG's because the audiences it caters to often aren't the same who want to actually have that kind of appeal. Warframe is a complete cock-block of knowledge and design but it works because the community in it is very helpful. The wikipedia pages are life-savers and constantly maintained by the community, and often enough vets in that game are more than happy to see newbies running around.

    FFXIV has this mentality to some extent as well - people love seeing sprouts and are way more lenient / helpful to them. Naturally, people are way more sympathetic to people who look like newer players. WoW has this too but it's hidden behind an obscure system and only the mentors can see the murloc heads - which is kinda dumb.

    But anyways: This feels like a nonissue-answer to a nonissue problem. Endgames don't need to be infinite, at least the main progression path.

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