Poll: Which WoW activity is intrinsically fun, even without the chase for better gear?

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    Casual low level pvp on a roided out marksmanship hunter 1 shotting people with aimed shot and rapid fire is enough of a reward. Feels like a fast-paced realistic damage shooter game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PenguinChan View Post
    Outside of unique stats that influence your character globally (IE: Haste, Speed, seldom Mastery) nothing would change. Stat sticks are gonna be stat sticks at the end of the day, and it's all made to make your feel good juices go brrr. If we had actual choices and influences to the gameplay itself, sure. But almost every spec that relies on a stat only relies on that single stat. And the amount who benefit from both tend to be breakpoints about accelerating your DPS, not changing how you (usually) play those specs.

    Trinkets and tier sets are the exception here pretty often, but not always. They're glorified throughput of some kind (Healing, Mitigation, DPS) without any interaction on your own part besides burst windows (Which is already a thing without trinkets). Trinkets that actually put shit on the floor for you to collect or others to collect actually change things up, which is nice. Or if they put a zone down of some kind (Damage, healing, etc.)

    Gear and stats are largely superficial and help dopamine go brrrrr. Granted, this is also why a lot of people love unique gear and trinkets more than their boring stat helmets and such.
    I get all that.

    My point is you can't arbitrarily remove gear from one game-mode without cratering that game-mode. It's all or nothing, for the most part. Let's say you made it so no gear dropped from raids and gear earned from other activities didn't do anything IN raids. You could adjust the stat budget for players based on the difficulty mode they're in, so that they're at least seeing bigger numbers, but that's a side issue. If you removed gear from raids, altogether, what do you think would happen? Players who enjoy collecting gear as a significant part of their overall enjoyment of the game would abandon raids in favor of other activities. That would be bad.

    This is besides the point that gear is a foundational piece of RPGs of all sorts. If you remove gear, the player base will run for the hills, and then I won't have anyone to play with .

    Philosophically, I agree with you, but practically I think it would destroy WoW. If you want a game without gear, you have to start it out without gear. Changing something so foundational to the game (at least in the minds of players, even if practically they're all just stat sticks) would destroy the game. We've seen how disruptive changes to HOW we earn gear have been over the years, can you imagine how much more disruptive just removing it altogether would be?

    All that said, personally, I enjoy the game for the game, at least the parts I play (Raiding > M+ > Open World > everything else) and I would play them if the only rewards were cosmetic/titles/achievements. But most people wouldn't and I would be left with no one to play with...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazerbrain View Post
    DnD has a max lv of 20, and then you can play for years after you party are all maxxed out.
    Almost nobody plays D&D past level 10 (by their own statistics, there's a lot of data on this), let alone at 20 lol

    Even in tabletop gaming, progression is important to many/most players
    “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” -Eric Hoffer

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    I would legit do the stew cookout thing. I do it every time I run across it. I know it rewards rep, but I don't need it. I just like doing it for some reason.

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    Premade epic BGs. Putting the WAR into Warcraft. I was logging in to queue up for epics with my community until it fell apart.

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