Poll: What If you are the boss?

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    I would anounce non obese versions of kultirans and actually interesting new races

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    Rather than Single-Minded Fury for fury warriors, which is a pain to specc, just let fury warriors transmog 2hs into 1hs. Maybe a glyph for the restrictions for only fury specc.

    Give outlaw rogues a glyph for pistol shot to use different models. Plunderstorm proved it possible, after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daedius View Post
    Announce a Class Change service.
    Just allow any toon to be any class, similar to ffxiv

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linkedblade View Post
    Just allow any toon to be any class, similar to ffxiv
    I want a Goblin demon hunter

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam86 View Post
    i love transmog, but it killed the epic we felt pre-transmog days of seeing someone in top gear in ironforge or orgrimmar or even dalaran, now everyone just mog whatever they like
    Nobody ever thought that was epic except the person standing there basking in imagined admiration and adulation. Nobody else cared.

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    druid should be for all races, but yes blood elves and void elves are the most relevant ones when it comes to males since they have the best and most anatomically correct male models, and they look more humans than the wow humans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zardas View Post
    Nah, let's be magnanimous and just give them a 95% health and dps reduction. Also a new passive where they take 50% more fire damage.
    Sounds great to me.

    But for real now. None of the mentioned are really worthy of introduction.

    And belf druids are last thing I'd bring to the table.

    I'd focus on introducing zones that offer fun activities, taking inspiration from Isle of Thunder, timeless isle and many stuff that was introduced in MoP.

    I'd allow players to collect trophies and open a tony base where it can be displayed and allow players to decorate this hub as they like.
    Base would be sunsong-ranch big but it would be racially themed.

    I'd focus more on Racial armors and Tauren would be first to get whole new sets for each armor type.

    I'd update the world bit by bit, apply small flavour changes to highling changes.

    Storywise - I'd stop with cosmic threats. I'd focus on racial stories, inner co flicts- establish that H/S are still weakened and local threats therefore are more severe.
    I'd develop new heroes to neglected race and explore their themes more deeply. I'd stop with shallow takes and modernized takes and return to full fantasy and explore various concepts.

    I'd unlock DH to orc and draenei.
    I'd put elves on the shelf for at least 2 expansions. We need a break from them. There are plenty more playable race that were neglected for far too long.
    I miss Mists of Pandaria

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    Vyrkul, Tuskar and those beefy dragon kins as playable races

    Announce new alternative play styles for all classes i.e you want a bleed druid tank, frost or unholy DK tank or a range survival hunter now you can

    Simplify raiding difficulties and bring back trigger mechanisms that make fights harder for better rewards and challenge

    Instant ports to all dungeons and raids from day one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biomega View Post
    The problem is pretty much never that they don't know how to do it. They're a multi-billion dollar company. Pretty sure they can find someone who knows how to do the technical stuff. Doubly so because they already have other games with exactly that function.

    The problem is almost always that it's too much work to add, read: too expensive. WoW is a patchwork of 20 years of pasta. It's an ancient engine older than some of its players. There's just too much shit to simply patch in something like armor dyes - not because it can't be done or they don't know how to do it, but simply because as a business they need to ask one question above all else, and that's "how much money is this going to cost vs. how much money is this going to make". And that's where a lot of solutions the community thinks are "simple" simply don't work out.
    It's so interesting that I come to this forum and people scream about how WoW 2 is unnecessary and never going to happen, and then people say we can't do anything anyone wants because the game is too old.

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    If I were the boss, I would announce none of these suggestions. Instead, I would fire the employee who was coming up with these.

    You pigeon hole many of these suggestions with weird parameters like "only some servers" with no restrictions to transmog choices... and "big class immerson changes" by making Warlocks effectively Hunters, and giving Rogues new poisons. Very "big" indeed. So big it seems you did not think a lot of it through.

    To be fair, in my opinion, the biggest QoL "suggestion" here is the dye system. I would announce that in a heartbeat.

    Also, I hope playable Blood Elf Druids never happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magistrate View Post
    It's so interesting that I come to this forum and people scream about how WoW 2 is unnecessary and never going to happen, and then people say we can't do anything anyone wants because the game is too old.
    It's also interesting that we see people who quote posts that say "it's not that they can't, it's that it's too expensive" and then immediately go on to wondering how people can say "they can't".

    WoW's age isn't a technical hurdle as much as it is a financial one. And not just because of the age of the engine, but also because of the age of the game as a whole - you can never recapture the same audiences as a new game could, pretty much no matter how good your content. People have these wild dreams that somehow all that's standing between present-day WoW and it going back up to WotLK numbers is the quality of its content. That's not how it works.

    And in the end, it really is all just that cost/benefit ratio. Whatever they do needs to be justified by expected profit, over whatever time frame you want to specify. If that doesn't hold... then why would a company do it? Why would they just set their own money on fire?

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