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    Ok all nay sayers, the epic edition is a good deal. period.

    One should at least get the heroic edition for the Stormrider mount which is, in my opinion, fun wise the best dynamic flying mount in the game so far. That thing is just awesome, i don't know if it's really faster and more agile than the dragons, but at least they managed to make it feel like that. It's worth the money and grabbing while you can.

    And as the epic edition also gets you a month of gametime you only pay like 7 bucks for all the extra stuff, what is as well more than well worth it.
    Yeah, always been a good deal those expansion editions that gives you a month free game time. Makes the other stuff very cheap tbh for that heroic edition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo03 View Post
    (looks at D4 and OW2)

    I don't know seems more like a 12 months now days.
    you are very correct

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