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    Well first off not everything is account wide, as not everything CAN be account wide.
    second off it replaces the login screen
    third off it gives an actual name to "account wide most thing" which does not roll off the tongue very well does it?
    It's giving a name to something that doesn't need a name, plus it's not really a system at all. It's just a relaxing of restrictions. They could easily just have said "Hey, we're giving you shared bank space, you can use any class to unlock transmog for any other class, we'll put all your characters on one login screen, we'll make most reps account wide", etc. Calling it a Warband system seems unnecessary. It's like if you have a gf/bf who you don't live with, and you decide to move in together, and you tell your partner "I've got an idea. I'm gonna call it the Homeband system. Instead of buying our own food separately like we do now we'll pool our money to buy it together. We'll get a single fridge freezer and a cupboard to put it all in. We'll hang our clothes in the same wardrobe." And your partner blinks at you and says "Isn't that just called living together?"

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    Will admit, not collecting mogs for other class sets is a massive L

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    Honestly this is amazing and addresses a ton of pain points certain players like me have had since the onset of Vanilla. At this point my roster of characters and their “maybe someday” unlockable transmogs I’ve held has gotten overwhelming and I’m absolutely STOKED to have so many niche collectibles finally catalogued. Some of those items have been camping out in storage since 2004.

    The other account-wide features are a major win too, even just for motivation. I’ve amassed many alts over the years and just deciding which to work on has become such a struggle, especially when friends & fam rearrange their combos and I’m then torn on who to bring along. This all just nails the personal wish-list I’ve had for eons now & I love it. Kudos to Blizz for respecting our time more.

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    ok so I just noticed the currency transfer. that is so freaking good. so much time saved just right there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nachtigal View Post
    Will admit, not collecting mogs for other class sets is a massive L
    my one hope is that they add those mogs to the "warbound until equipped" so if we get them on another character we can dump them in the bank, jump onto whatever character can use them, and then grab them, adding them to the mog collection that way. A bunch of them are BOE anyway (Molten Core ones), so it wouldn't be difficult to change the rest of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nachtigal View Post
    Will admit, not collecting mogs for other class sets is a massive L
    No it isn't, class sets are one of the few things that absolutely should not be available to all

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