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    Additional Character Slots, Season of Discovery Hotfixes - April 23, 2024

    Additional Character Slots
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    With the Dark Heart patch, we will increase the maximum number of characters that can be created on a WoW account from 60 to 65.

    Have fun!

    Season of Discovery Hotfixes - April 23, 2024
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Season of Discovery
    • Players who have completed the quest “Warranty Claim” but have misplaced their Pristine G-7 C.O.R.E. Processor before handing in the quest “Salvaging the Salvagematic” may now speak with the Lost and Found vendor Rix Xizzix in Booty Bay to recover the misplaced quest item.
    • Fixed a Sunken Temple issue where the Atal’ai Defenders encounter would not reset properly.
    • Druid
      • The Natural Weapons talents now increases all damage done by druids in Season of Discovery, instead of just physical damage.
      • The Gale Winds rune now reduces the mana cost of Hurricane by 60%.
      • Swiftmend no longer consumes a Rejuvenation or Regrowth effect on the target when used.
      • Developers’ notes: Please note that it does still require Rejuvenation or Regrowth to be on the target to be used.
    • Hunter
      • Rapid Killing now reduces the cooldown of Rapid Fire by 80% (was a reduction of 2 minutes).
      • Chimera Shot weapon damage percent increased to 135% (was 120%).
      • Explosive Shot base damage before attack power increased by 50%.
      • Sniper Training has an additional new effect: while Sniper Training is at 5 stacks, Aimed Shot is instant.
      • Serpent Spread now causes Multi-shot to apply Serpent Sting to its targets for 12 seconds (was 6 seconds).
      • Steady Shot now deals 100% weapon damage (was 75%).
      • Developers’ notes: There are more adjustments coming for Hunters. In general, we intend to improve the ranged playstyle and diminish the melee playstyle so that the two become more equivalent.
    • Paladin
      • Seal of Righteousness damage can now be critical hits.
      • Sacred Shield’s duration is extended to 60 seconds (was 30 seconds).
      • Crusader Strike has now gained an additional effect: Crusader strike now refreshes all judgement effects active on the target to a 30 second remaining duration.
      • Seal of Martyrdom can now “twist” with other seals, including Seal of Command.
      • Developers’ notes: Seal twisting was an interesting emergent effect that became popular during the original Burning Crusade, that utilized the slower server messaging system used in early versions of WoW to slightly extend the duration of the paladin’s active seal for a short time whenever a second seal was cast. This effectively allowed paladins to momentarily gain the benefit of two seals at once if they timed the application of a new seal to line up perfectly just before their weapon swing. We recreated this playstyle in Burning Crusade Classic and since then it’s been a popular request in other versions of original WoW, including Season of Discovery. As the game matures and we continue to listen to player feedback however, we recognize that for some, this is part of the charm and uniqueness of playing a paladin during those early eras of WoW’s history. We consider this change to be experimental and we will watch the performance and behavior of Retribution closely after this change.
    • Priest
      • Shadowform now increases all shadow damage done by 25% (was 15%).
    • Rogue
      • Saber Slash bleed now stacks up to 5 times.
      • Saber Slash bleed now also increases the impact damage done by Sinister Strike and Saber Slash by 15% per stack for the rogue who applied the bleed.
      • Saber Slash bleed now deals 3% of the rogue’s Attack Power in damage per tick (was 5%).
    • Shaman
      • Mental Dexterity now only triggers from dealing damage with Stormstrike and Lava Lash, and it now lasts 30 seconds (was 10 seconds).
      • Burn now increases Flame Shock Damage by 100% and flame shock DoT duration by 6 seconds, and causes Flame Shock to strike up to 5 targets (was 3 targets).
      • Developers’ notes: We’ve received a lot of feedback about the overall usability of mental dexterity, particularly for Elemental Shamans. This ability was not intended to be used by elemental, so the adjustments we’ve made are to help ensure its usage is a bit more enhancement-centric. To compensate, we’ve increased the output and usability of the Burn rune, with a slight quality-of-life improvement in the form of a Flame Shock duration increase which allows two Lava Burst casts to be used within a single Flame Shock duration.

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    able to make more toons FUCK YES!

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    "Additional Character Slots" = OMG, this is the best day ever!. My army of dwarves and trolls is going to be complete!.

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    I was going to say "who the hell needs 65 char slots" but it seems I'm in the minority already....

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    I want more characters per realm .

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    Quote Originally Posted by meganite View Post
    I was going to say "who the hell needs 65 char slots" but it seems I'm in the minority already....
    I imagine not many people, but there are some of us. The slots will be useful to me for making any Earthen I feel like playing or some Dracthyr classes now that they are being let loose. I have 53(?) 70s including about a half a dozen deleted characters. Some of the things that aren't 70 I don't want to delete because they hold sentimental value, like my very first character, a warrior which is sitting at 8 (was 18 before level squishes), or the placeholder character holding onto my name on my vanilla realm.

    The extra 10 slots from DF and these 5 mean I have to deal a bit less with deleting max level characters to free up slots when I want to mess around with something.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tarx View Post
    I want more characters per realm .
    There isn't a realm limit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meganite View Post
    I was going to say "who the hell needs 65 char slots" but it seems I'm in the minority already....
    When you love certain race or class, one is not enough.

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    Dunno. I expected at least 10. In this case I would try Remix. For now I don't want to do it. Due to various reasons, including desire to save slots on my main account for new classes, that may come in a future.

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