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    [Mankrik] <Memes> Tues/Wed 7-10pm est. 10m Heroic Guild Recruiting

    Hey! We're a group of memes, made up of former retail mythic CE raiders. We know how to play the game and will be aiming to clear heroic content in a timely manner. But we still like to keep the raid atmosphere chill and fun. We're looking for a few more like minded players who are interested in tackling everything that Cata has to offer. Currently we're seeking a Tank and a few more dps. Pref a feral tank, mage, and hunter. But we're mainly looking for good players so don't be afraid to reach out!

    Raid Days: Tues/Wed 7-10pm EST

    Snooze0493 (discord) Snooze#1703 (bnet)
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