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    This is probably my biggest disappointment. I thougt I was going to be on the overpowered side and instead I'm just slow leveling like it was regular MOP. 30 levels of just 3 abilities and always out of resources to hit buttons. I'm not sure why they kept saying accerelated leveling, it's slower than Dragon flight and quit boring (I hate quest leveling)

    I'm preplexed why the mindset is the first toon sucks, but your next 5 will be great. Seems odd they designed this to level multiple toons.

    Oh the silly things I do for mounts and Transmogs!
    It has been years since i started a new character from scratch, but my god does remix highlight how bad some classes are while leveling. Even with the pretty strong tinker sockets it feels like an eternity until your character does anything.

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    Overall idea is good. Content, designed around replayability - is what I actually asked for. But reward system feels meh. At least for now. May be it will be better at 70. One thing to notice about slow leveling of first character - is that cloak has +Exp buff, so next character will be quicker. But. Cloak progress isn't fully account-wide, that is bad. Overall idea of account-wide progress - is that you don't feel, that you lose progress, when you switch to other character, so you don't feel bound to your main. And the worst thing. Yeah. Dead loop, as always. Only hardcore players will most likely become powerful enough to solo things. Casual players, who need it the most - won't be able to do it due to not grinding enough threads in high difficulty content, like Mythic raids. That makes whole Remix idea pointless for me. As I've already said, despite of being altoholic, I don't level characters just for sake of leveling. Completing at least some parts of endgame - is mandatory requirement.

    P.S. Why MOP was one of the worst xpacks ever made for me? Minimal requirement for xpack to be viable - is good leveling. Leveling, ruined by no flying - is disaster. Endgame, ruined by no flying - is absolute disaster.

    Here is interview:

    I don't care about Wow 11.0, if it's not solo-MMO. No half-measures - just perfect xpack.

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    Man this shit is slow af...
    Leveing in DF goes way way faster then this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WowIsDead64 View Post
    is what I actually asked for.
    And yet, somehow, for some reason nobody can figure out, they don't listen and cater to you specifically. It's really odd.

    Stop complaining or stop playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WowIsDead64 View Post
    As you know,
    No, we don't. Who the fuck you imagine yourself to be so people should know anything about you?

    Quote Originally Posted by WowIsDead64 View Post
    initial plan was to skip Remix event.
    Please do.

    Quote Originally Posted by WowIsDead64 View Post
    Another reason - I didn't want to ruin my progression route and waste character slots on my main account.
    WTF that even means?

    Quote Originally Posted by WowIsDead64 View Post
    But. "Useful" rewards, that have some utility - are completely different thing. And, as I know, we will be able to buy Garrosh heirlooms, I obviously missed back in MOP.
    "I don't need useless cosmetics, but I need heirlooms that I'd use for a week!"

    Please keep your "90% of saying how WoW is bad/maybe 10% of actually asking about something" to yourself.
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    Are Garrosh's heirlooms better than the other heirlooms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwert View Post
    Why is it that hundreds of thousands of other players did not have this exact problem?
    The fun of timezones and faction stuff (My go-to was Alliance at the time)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nork View Post
    Are Garrosh's heirlooms better than the other heirlooms?
    THey come with 2 Gem sockets and 2 secondary stats, so if you're willing to buff them up they "should be" slightly better

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    I've played this game since vanilla, and i've seen some boring shit over the years. But this... it takes the absolute cake in being mind-numbingly boring. The leveling is super slow (yeah i don't care that your next character gets 300% xp, i only level one for the mounts), most of the abilities you get are just 'yeah, whatever', the gems and scrolls are super tedious.
    I thought it would be fun and actualle came back for it, but this is the biggest fail in years in wow imho.

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    I have played this game since vanilla and this is the most fun I have had since Legion. Progress is quick, dungeons and scenario's feel fun and the comstant rewards are very enticing.

    I always got my fun from leveling and alternate progression and this ticks all rhe boxes. The raiding munchkins are probably bored but this is not made for them. This is for the Silent Majority that actually has fun playing the game. A++ Blizz.

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    Closing this thread as essentially asked and answered, and there's no real point in keeping it as a blog-type commentary.
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