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    They literally said thwy want you to be able to jump into TWW. That means you keep your gear sans gems.
    What happened on the PTR and is likely to happen here.

    Characters not max level will get the "gear update" equivalent, and characters at 70 will get the same stuff level 70 boosts get. You are not keeping the gear from remix. This still lets you go into TWW fine, you don't need to keep the remix gear for that to be true.

    Like the fact gear can be upgraded to 556 should tell you this shit is not transferring over. Max ilvl you can get on retail right now is 535, and that is only a select few very rare drops for everything else its 528.
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    That's correct, every single level 70 of a given class will be given the exact same gear. Your items, itemlvl, threads, and gems will not transfer over.

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