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    Idea for pandaria-remix-like events

    Hey-ho, I know that Blizz sometimes get here and read threads and community ideas.
    Wanted to share my idea with you and hear your responce.
    When I was waiting for pandaria-remix I had a secret dream that this would be implemented within the event, but alas...

    So. the idea is of the same event BUT to let gamers choose any class-race combo they like. Have always dreamed of undead-paladin? Or maybe void-elf shaman (yup, that's me here, who wanted this) but there's lore restrictions of course? Well, you may play it for 95 days and then you may play it in wow retail. Lorewise it would be totally justified: time-limited event would give you controlled population of these strange combos. That would look as if one wierd void elf suddenly understood that they feel like being something else. Why not? Itsn't in it the course of time?
    What will blizzard get? Well, all the audience who had a thought of idk draenei-demon hunter will pay all these 3 months.
    What will playerbase get? TOTALLY UNIQUE class-race combo character, who will surely become thier main and something that not everyone had time/wish/chance to get. So their character will get true uniqueness and soul in it.

    Your idea? Would you play such event?

    The event can have different class-based starting points and adventures in classic zones to show how the hero of "wrong" race started their jorney.

    Sorry for my english, hope you can understand what I've written. From Russia with lots of love.

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    They've already made almost all of the classes race-agnostic and are moving towards doing the rest. All that's left are the classes with unique assets based on race: demon hunter (customizations), druid (forms), shaman (totems), and paladin (mounts). Evoker is probably the sole exception, but dracthyr are opening up to other classes in TWW and they could potentially tweak evoker to let you choose other visage forms.

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    I mean even then what really is the difference between an Undead Paladin a Human Paladin and a Blood Elf Paladin?

    like one can breath under water one has Every Man and one has a dispel every 2 minutes?
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